2014 Latest 100% Pass Guaranteed Symantec ST0-149 Dumps (91-100)

An application is experiencing various resource failures. The application administrator wants Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) to take all resources offline after failure. The entire application should remain offline. Which attribute should the administrator use?

A.    ManageFaults
B.    FailOverPolicy
C.    AutoFailOver
D.    Critical

Answer: C

What are two benefits of FlashSnap offhost processing tasks? (Select two.)

A.    They increaseperformance by enabling fast resynch logging.
B.    They increase performance by enabling caching on dynamic volumes.
C.    They provide a realistic basis for testing newapplications.
D.    They recover adatabase more quickly than by full restoration from backup media.
E.    They decrease the amount ofdisk space required for decision support analysis.

Answer: CD

An application is experiencing resource failures. The application administrator wants Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) to place the offending resource in an administrative wait state. The rest of the application resources should remain online after the resource failure. Which service group
attribute should the administrator use?

A.    Frozen
B.    FaultPropagation
C.    AutoFailOver
D.    ManageFaults

Answer: D

An administrator is preparing to upgrade to Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions 6.0 for Windows. Which two steps will help to determine whether the environment meets installation guidelines? (Select two.)

A.    ensure the operating system is Windows 2003 or newer
B.    check the software and hardware compatibility lists
C.    verify thatshared storage is attached tothe server
D.    run the Windows Data Collector
E.    keep the OpsCenterServer service running prior to the upgrade

Answer: BD

What are two advantages of a concatenated volume layout? (Select two.)

A.    removes size restrictions
B.    provides load balancing
C.    optimizes utilization of free space
D.    improves write performance
E.    provides redundancy

Answer: AC

Which GAB command is used to verify that the cluster has been seeded?

A.    gabconfig -c
B.    gabconfig -a
C.    gabconfig -x
D.    gabconfig -t

Answer: B

Which two system configuration items must be verified for Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) compatibility? (Select two.)

A.    the processors are 32 bit
B.    the number of NICs on each system
C.    the amount of memory on each system
D.    the number of processors on each system
E.    the number of HBAs

Answer: BC

What is a benefit of an active/passive cluster configuration?

A.    It is more efficient in terms of hardware utilization.
B.    It is the simplest and most reliable.
C.    Failover performance is faster than a symmetric cluster.
D.    Failover performance is faster than an asymmetric cluster.

Answer: B

An administrator needs to increase the time the Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) engine waits to receive a heartbeat from the agent before restarting the agent. Which attribute should the administrator use?

A.    AgentStartTimeout
B.    AgentReplyTimeout
C.    AgentRestartTimeout
D.    ConnectTimeout

Answer: B

Support asked an administrator to collect logs for a resource type. Which attribute needs to be set?

A.    AgentDbg
B.    LogDbg
C.    AdvDbg
D.    Debug

Answer: B

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