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Exam Code: 70-662Exam Name TS: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, ConfiguringCertification Provider: MicrosoftCorresponding Certifications: MCITP, MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator on Exchange 2010, MCTS, MCTS: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Configuring70-662 Dumps,70-662 PDF,70-662 PDF eBook,70-662 Braindump,70-662 Study Guide,70-662 Book,70-662 Practice Test,70-662 Dumps PDF,70-662 VCE,70-662 VCE Dumps,70-662 Valid Dumps,70-662 Exam Questions Free,70-662 Dumps,70-662 Free Dumps,70-662 Questions and Answers Free,70-662 Braindump PDF,70-662 Braindump VCE,70-662 Preparation QUESTION 331The network contains an Active Directory domain. The domain contains one site. You have an Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) organization that contains two Client Access servers, two Hub Transport servers, and users report that they fail to receive email messages from the Internet. You review the message tracking logs and discover that the organization failed to receive any email messages from the Internet during the past hour. You need to identify what is preventing the hub Transport servers from receiving email messages. What should run from the Exchange Management Shell? A.    Test-WebServicesConnectivityB.    Test-MailFlowC.    Get-MailboxDatabaseD.    Test-MapiConnectivityE.    Test-ReplicationHealthF.    Test-AvailabilityServiceG.    Get-SenderIdConfigH.    Test-SMTPConnectivityI.    Checkdatabaseseredundancy.ps1J.    Retry-QueueK.    Test-SenderIDL.    Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatusM.    Test-SystemHealthN.    Test-OutlookWebServices Answer: HExplanation: QUESTION 332Your network contains an Active Directory domain named You have an Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) organization that contains four servers. The servers are configured as shown in the following table.Edge1 is located in the perimeter network. You need to replicate the transport configurations to Edge1. What should you do first?  A.    From Hub1, run the Get-EdgeSubscription cmdlet and specify the FileName parameter.B.    From Edge1, run the Get-EdgeSubscription cmdlet and specify the FileData parameter.C.    From Hub1, run the New-EdgeSubscription cmdlet and specify the FileData parameter.D.    From Edge1, run the New-EdgeSubcription cmdlet and specify the FileName parameter. Answer: DExplanation: QUESTION 333You have an Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) organization. You have a resource mailbox for a meeting room named Meeting Room 1. You need to ensure that when a user schedules a meeting fro Meeting Room 1, the user receives an email message that contains directions to the meeting room. Which property tab should you modify? To answer, select the approprate tab in the answer area.  A.    Mailbox FeaturesB.    Resource GeneralC.    Resource PolicyD.    Resources Information Answer: DExplanation:  QUESTION 334You have an Exchange Server 2003 organization that contains a server named EX_Server. You install a server named Server1 that runs Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1). You create a public folder database on Server1. A user named User1 has a mailbox on Server1. User1 creates a public folder on Server1 and posts content to the public folder. From Outlook Web App, User1 attempts to access the public folders on EX_Server and receives and error message. You need to ensure that User1 can access all of the public folders in the organization from Outlook Web App. What should you do? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.) A.    From Exchange System Manager on EX_Server, modify the replica list of the public folders.B.    From the Exchange Management Console (EMC), modify the properties of the Outlook Web App mailbox policy.C.    Instruct User1 to use Outlook Web Access (OWA).D.    From the Exchange Management Shell, run the addreplicatopfrecursive.ps1 script.E.    From the Exchange Management Console (EMC), modify the default public folder database of the mailbox database. Answer: ADExplanation:This question is actually about replication. Once the public folders on EX_Server are replicated to Server1, User1 will be able to access them.Reference: exchange-2003-toexchagne-2010.aspx QUESTION 335Your network contains an Exchange Server 2010 SP1 organization named The organization contains a Client Access server named Server1 and a domain controller named DC1. All client computers run Windows 7 Professional. All users access their calendar and download their email messages by using Windows Mail. You need to modify the TCP port on the Exchange server used by the Windows Mail clients. What should you do? A.    run the Set-PopSettings cmdletB.    run the Set-OfflineAddressBook cmdletC.    modify the properties of the Exchange ActiveSync virtual directoryD.    Modify the Redirect.aspx fileE.    modify the properties of the Client Access server objectF.    run the New-OwaMailboxPolicy cmdletG.    modify the properties of the offline address book (OAB) virtual directoryH.    run the New-ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy cmdletI.    modify the Casredirect.aspx fileJ.    modify the properties of the OWA virtual directoryK.    run the Set-ImapSettings cmdletL.    run the Export-ExchangeCertificate cmdlet Answer: AExplanation: QUESTION 336Drag and Drop QuestionYour network contains an Active Directory domain named The domain contains an Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 organization. The domain contains an organizational unit (OU) named Sales. You need to configure Outlook Web App to meet the following requirements:- Allow only members of the Sales OU to change their password by using the Exchange Control Panel (ECP).- Prevent all other users from changing their password by using the ECP. What should you do? To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order. Answer:  Explanation:1. Create a New Outlook Web App mailbox policy named Accounting.2. From the Exchange Management Shell, run Get-mailbox | where-object {$_.distinguishedname -like'*ou=accounting,dc=contoso,dc=com'} | Set-CasMailbox-OWAMailboxPolicy:Accounting.3. Modify the Segmentation settings of the default Outlook Web App mailbox policy.Reference: QUESTION 337Your network contains an Active Directory forest named All servers run Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (SP1). You have two servers named Mail1 and Edge1. Mail1 is located on the internal network. Edge1 is located on the perimeter network. The network and the perimeter network are separated by a firewall. You plan to deploy Exchange Server 2010 SP1 to Mail1 and Edge1. Mail1 will have the Mailbox, Hub Transport, and Client Access server re installed. Edge1 will have the Edge Transport server role installed. You need to ensure that you can install the Edge Transport server role on Edge1. The solution must minimize the amount of software inst Edge1. What should you install on Edge1? (Choose all that apply.) A.    The Web Server (IIS) server roleB.    the SMTP Server featureC.    Microsoft .NET Famework 3.5 SP1D.    Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT)E.    Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) Answer: CDEExplanation: QUESTION 338You have a hosted Exchange organization. All servers in the organization have Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) installed. You have a 3 mailbox servers in DAG, which command do you use to enable Datacenter Activation Coordination on exiting DAG. Which cmdlet should you use? A.    Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupB.    Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupC.    New-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupD.    Add-MailboxDatabaseCopy Answer: AExplanation:Ans: Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup-Identity DAG2-DatacenterActivationMode DagOnly QUESTION 339You have a hosted Exchange organization. All servers in the organization have Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) installed. Select the proper DNS record to create when you deploy federating delegation (choose all that apply) A.    A recordB.    MX (mail exchange record)C.    MG (mail group record)D.    TXT record Answer: ADExplanation:Create a TXT record for federated delegation. The A record should actually be a CNAME, according to Technet. However, in the strictest sense, an A record would need to have been created in DNS to map the IP to the external server name, then the CNAME record would be created so the federated partner can access your network. For example:A record maps server IP to company name (i.e., to CNAME sets next record for discovery (i.e., It is unlikely that your exam will give you the option of an A record, but if there is no mention of a CNAME go with A and TXT. Otherwise, always go with CNAME and TXT. Reference: QUESTION 340You have Exchange 2010 SP1 and outlook clients in configuration:Server1 holds public folder database. You deploy server4 and outlook2010 clients. Which command do you use to configure that the new public folders are created only on server4?  A.    Set-MailboxDatabaseB.    Remove-StoreMailboxC.    Get-MailboxDatabaseD.    New-MailboxDatabase Answer: AExplanation: "Mailbox Database"-PublicFolderDatabase "PublicFolderDB1" Braindump2go 100% Guarantees all the 70-662 507q are Real Exam Questions & Answers from Microsoft Official certification exams.We also provides long free updation for 70-662 Exam Dumps: 1 Year Free Updates - Downloaded Automatically on your computer to ensure you get updated pool of questions. Braindump2go trys best to make you feel confident in passing 70-662 Certifications Exam! 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