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On the Symantec Security Information Manager Conditions tab, which two conditions need to be met for a rule to be triggered?

A.    Incident Type
B.    Event Criteria
C.    Rule Type
D.    Device Effected
E.    Applicable Licenses

Answer: BC

If a conclusion does not track to an existing incident it will become a (n) ______.
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Symantec ST0-085 Exam

A.    occurring incident
B.    occurring event
C.    new incident
D.    new event

Answer: D

For which three does Symantec Security Information Manager automatically create values when you manually create a new incident?

A.    Event Creator
B.    Incident Creator
C.    Incident ID number
D.    Rule Name
E.    Event ID number

Answer: BCD

Which ODBC relational database does the Symantec Security Information Manager appliance use to store event and incident data?

B.    Oracle
C.    IBM DB2
D.    MySQL

Answer: C

Which is a viable Symantec Security Information Manager purge parameter?
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Symantec ST0-085 Exam

A.    Control regularly scheduled database maintenance activities
B.    Check status of database schema
C.    Delete database
D.    Purge correlation activities

Answer: A

Which is a Symantec Security Information Manager system monitoring and maintenance task?

A.    test and verify UPS reliability
B.    monitor CPU, memory usage and database space
C.    set Watchlist on Database Access Monitor
D.    monitor LDAP Connection Health Monitor

Answer: B

Where is information about the health and performance of the Symantec Security Information Manager appliance found?

A.    Statistics tab
B.    System tab
C.    Service tab
D.    Maintenance tab

Answer: A

Which tab on the Symantec Security Information Manager statistics page displays the appliance's memory and CPU utilization, the database statistics, and the status of any database jobs?
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Symantec ST0-085 Exam

A.    Service Status
B.    Maintenance Schedule
C.    System Status
D.    Event Service

Answer: C

Which two sections are found on the Status pane located on the Statistics page?

A.    Router Connectivity Status
B.    Job Status
C.    Database Health Monitor
D.    Correlation Event Status
E.    Rule Congurency

Answer: BC

Which type of database backup is performed during the Symantec Security Information Manager installation?

A.    an incremental, offline backup
B.    a full, online backup
C.    a full, offline backup
D.    an incremental, online backup

Answer: C

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