2014 Latest 100% Pass Guaranteed Symantec ST0-149 Dumps (11-20)

A Dynamic disk group import fails and a message is displayed indicating that it is marked as in- use by another node. Which action will resolve the situation?

A.    confirm that it is a resource in a cluster and import it with the ‘Import as cluster disk group’ option checked
B.    confirm that it is deported on all other nodes and import it with the ‘Clear host ID’ option checked
C.    confirm that its disks are unshared with other nodes and import it with the -f option from the command line
D.    confirm that its cluster resources are deleted and import it with the -s option from the command line

Answer: B

An administrator configures a cluster that has over 10 VMDg resources. Which resource type attribute does Symantec recommend be tuned?

A.    EPPriority
B.    NumThreads
C.    MonitorInterval
D.    RestartLimit

Answer: B

Refer to the service group definition displayed below.

group SG1 ( SystemList = { SystemA, SystemB } AutoStartList = { SystemA } ) FileOnOff tmp_file01_txt ( PathName = “C:\\tmp\\file01.txt” )

Which service group attribute should an administrator consider for Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) to ignore resource failures within the service group SG1?

A.    ManualOps
B.    ManageFaults
C.    IntentOnline
D.    Responding

Answer: B

An administrator noticed a FAULTED state on a critical resource. Which step must the administrator take before clearing the FAULTED state?

A.    manually probe the resource
B.    ensure the resource is offline
C.    wait for the OfflineMonitorInterval
D.    ensure the resource is online

Answer: B

What is a benefit of an active/active cluster configuration?

A.    Applications with different I/O and memory requirements run on the same system properly.
B.    Each server is configured to run a specific application.
C.    Applications only run on a primary server.
D.    Multiple applications that run on the same system always co-exist properly.

Answer: B

How many default instances of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 can be online on the same system in a two node cluster?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    25
D.    50

Answer: A

Where are the Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) logs found on a system in a cluster?

A.    %VCS_HOME%\log
B.    %VCS_ROOT%\log
C.    %VCS_HOME%\conf\log
D.    %VCS_ROOT%\conf\log

Answer: A

Where are log messages found in the Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA)?

A.    select View > Error Console
B.    select File > Error Console
C.    select Actions > Error Console
D.    select Tools > Error Console

Answer: D

Which requirement must be met when implementing a Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) environment?

A.    The processors in every clustered node must be the same make, model, and architecture.
B.    Clustered resources must be able to run simultaneously across all cluster nodes.
C.    Clustered applications must be able to restart to a known state after a failure.
D.    The disks must be SCSI-3 compliant and accessible by all clustered nodes.

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Which two states does this indicate to an administrator? (Select two.)

A.    System TVCS02 exited the cluster.
B.    The cluster is unable to determine the status of service group HA_Lotus.
C.    Service group HA_Lotus is partially active in system TVCS02.
D.    Group HA_Lotus contains disabled resources.E.System TVCS02 is powered off.

Answer: AB

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