2014 Latest 100% Pass Guaranteed Symantec ST0-149 Dumps (41-50)

An organization needs to add another node to a two node cluster. The organization hired a new administrator and the password for the Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) Helper service is unknown. The administrator changes the password to add the new node, but notices the cluster functions improperly after adding the node. The administrator restarts all the nodes, but the VCS Helper service is stopped on the original two nodes because of the password change. Which command can the administrator run to update the password on the two servers that have the old password?

A.    hasys
B.    hagrp
C.    hadhelper
D.    hauser

Answer: C

Which two agents can be configured for Intelligent Monitoring Framework? (Select two.)

A.    IIS
B.    FileShare
C.    PrintShare
D.    SAPWebAS
E.    SQLServer2008

Answer: AE

How many Microsoft SQL Server instances can a single SQL Server resource manage?

A.    1
B.    8
C.    16
D.    32

Answer: A

Which service group dependency permits a parent group to be brought online when the child group is offline?

A.    online local
B.    offline local
C.    online remote
D.    offline remote

Answer: B

Which type of service group is appropriate for applications that manage multiple application instances that run simultaneously without data corruption?

A.    application
B.    hybrid
C.    failover
D.    parallel

Answer: D

Which command should an administrator run on a single node cluster in order to leave the application running without affecting user access?

A.    hastop -force
B.    hastop -local -force
C.    hastop -all
D.    hastop –system -force

Answer: B

Which protocol is responsible for maintaining cluster membership?

A.    High Availability Daemon (HAD)
B.    Global Atomic Broadcast (GAB)
C.    Low Latency Transport (LLT)
D.    Veritas Cluster Server Communications (VCSCOMMS)

Answer: B

Which two attributes impact service group failover? (Select two.)

A.    FailOver
B.    AutoFailOver
C.    Faulted
D.    FaultPropagation
E.    Probed

Answer: BD

Which cluster configuration refers to multiple service groups that run on multiple servers, with each service group capable of being failed over to different servers?

A.    N-to-1
B.    active/active
C.    asymmetric
D.    N-to-N

Answer: D

What is a valid use case for creating a replicated data cluster?

A.    It only works with RAID-1 storage configurations.
B.    It only works with RAID-5 storage configurations.
C.    No shared storage exists.
D.    Shared storage exists.

Answer: C

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