2014 Latest 100% Pass Guaranteed Symantec ST0-149 Dumps (71-80)

On which region of the disk does Storage Foundation keep configuration information that it uses to manage Storage Foundation virtual objects?

A.    the secondary region
B.    the primary region
C.    the public region
D.    the private region

Answer: A

What are the two modes of operation for paths to an array? (Select two.)

A.    Dynamic Least Queue Depth
B.    active/active
C.    RoundRobin with Subset
D.    Balanced Path
E.    active/passive

Answer: BE

An administrator changes the default value for Process agent attributes RestartLimit to 2 and ConfInterval to 180. The Process resource faulted and Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) restarted the resource. The Process resource faults again after surviving a stable online period of 4 minutes. VCS restarts the resource. How will VCS behave if the Process resource fails again after surviving a stable online period of 2 minutes?

A.    VCS restarts the resource.
B.    VCS faults the resource.
C.    VCS waits for user intervention.
D.    VCS offlines the resource.

Answer: A

An administrator notices that the Intelligent Monitoring Framework (IMF) is disabled for one of the IMF-aware agents. What are two benefits of enabling IMF versus traditional poll-based monitoring? (Select two.)

A.    reduction in system resource utilization
B.    automatic restart of the faulted resource
C.    faster notification of resource state changes
D.    ability to trap the Windows service related events
E.    ability to obtain error information directly from the HBA

Answer: AC

An administrator configures a cluster that has over 10 VMDg resources. Which resource type attribute does Symantec recommend be tuned?

A.    EPPriority
B.    NumThreads
C.    MonitorInterval
D.    RestartLimit

Answer: B

Which two are valid shrink operations? (Select two.)

A.    The volumemust be online.
B.    The maximumshrink operation is used space plus 15%.
C.    The shrink operation works with RAW file systems.
D.    Theshrink operation works only with NTFS file systems.
E.    The volume can be shrunk by as little as 512KB.

Answer: AC

Which tool is used to verify that the configuration meets all software and hardware requirements?

A.    Configuration Checker
B.    Windows Data Collector
C.    hagetcf
D.    VxExplorer

Answer: B

Which thin provisioned reclaimed type is required to reclaim unused storage space from volumes?

A.    disks and free space
B.    free space only
C.    volumes only
D.    volumes and free space

Answer: C

Which Symantec service or product is used to monitor clusters?

A.    Symantec Operations Readiness Tool (SORT)
B.    Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA)
C.    Veritas Operations Manager (VOM)
D.    Symantec Operational Services (SOS)

Answer: C

When the Microsoft Failover Cluster support option is selected in Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows, the minimum and maximum quorum arbitration times can be adjusted. What is the optimal arbitration time setting for a dynamic quorum?

A.    Minimum time – 30 seconds; Maximum time – 120 seconds
B.    Minimum time – 7 seconds; Maximum time – 60 seconds
C.    Minimum time – 15 seconds; Maximum time – 60 seconds
D.    Minimum time – 60 seconds; Maximum time – 120 seconds

Answer: A

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