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What extra configuration must be performed only when a detached Credentials Collector is separated from a Resource WebGate and not when they are combined?

A.    The Allow Credential Collector Operations check box must be selected.
B.    The Resource WebGate should set the Logout Redirect URL to the Detached Credentials Collector’slogout.pl.
C.    The Allow Token Scope Operations check box must be selected.
D.    The IP Validation check box must be selected.

Answer: B

Which two statements are true about Oracle Access Manager 11g data sources?

A.    A system Store is optional.
B.    Embedded LDAP is configured as the default User Identity Store for Oracle Access Management.
C.    Only one User Identity Store can and must be designated as the System Store.
D.    You can define as many User Identity Stores as the System Store.
E.    A system Store contains policy data, including password management data.

Answer: BC

OAM-OAAM basic integration, which is a native integration, requires the OAM server and OAAM admin server in the same access management domain.
Which two statements are true in the case of OAM-OAAM basic integration?

A.    This is unique case in which OAAM data in stored in the OAM schema.
B.    The OAAM Managed Server needs to be configured in a separate domain.
C.    The OAAM extension libraries are bundled with the OAM server.
D.    The knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) challenge mechanism is available in this integration.
E.    Supported agents for this deployment are WebGate 10gand 11g.

Answer: CD

From Oracle Access Manager 11g R1-PS1 (and R2) onward, resource definitions in the policy model have a field protection level that can be protected, unprotected, or excluded. What is the correct behavior for a request that has the excluded protection level?

A.    Authentication is always performed but session validation is not performed.
B.    Authentication is not performed but session validation is always performed.
C.    The WebGate/agent lets the request through without authentication and no validation is performed.
D.    TheOAM_REMOTE_USERheader is added to the request.

Answer: C

What performance data can you see from the Oracle Adaptive Access Manager (OAAM) 11g admin dashboard?

A.    averageprocessing times
B.    number of threads running
C.    CPU utilization
D.    memory utilization

Answer: A

What is the purpose of the extractMovePlan Script when moving an Oracle Access Management environment from to production?

A.    It extracts configuration information from the achieve created on the source environment into XML files, which can be edited for the destination environment.
B.    It extracts the binary files from the archive created on the source environment into the destination environment.
C.    It extracts the configuration files from the archive created on the source environment into the destination environment.
D.    It extracts the distribution at a mount point.

Answer: C

Which statement is true about a single sign-on operation initiated from a Service Provider using SAML 2.0 in Oracle Identity Federation (OIF)?

A.    Oracle Access Manager is required as a Service Provider integration module.
B.    An Oracle Access Manager WebGate is needed to protect the target web resource and redirect requests to OIF.
C.    HTTP post binding is only supported.
D.    Any HTTP request hitting the target resource is redirected to the Service Provider’s OIF instance.

Answer: A

Your customer requires Oracle Adaptive Access Manager (OAAM) to perform risk analysis of the money transfer transactions in their eBanking application.
They have already deployed OAAM and OAM using the out-of-the-box Advanced integration.
What must they do to capture and process their application transactions in OAAM?

A.    Configure the OAAM Server application with the definition of the new transaction data to be captured.
B.    Deploy the UIO proxy and configure it to capture the money transfer transaction data and submitit to OAAM.
C.    Change their eBanking application to use OAAM native integration.
D.    Deploy the OAAM sample application and configure it to collect the money transfer transactions.

Answer: A

Your portfolio trading customer is using Oracle Entitlements Server (OES) to externalize authorization decisions from their share dealing application.
The trading customer has stipulated the following policy need to be implemented:
– Customers can purchase shared only if their credit limit is 20% higher than the value of the shares in their basket at checkout.
The value of basket and a customer’s credit limit are both available in the application, and can be passed to OES as part of an authorization request if required.
You are looking to implement the most efficient policy within OES. Which three steps would you implement?

A.    Configure a Policy Information Point (PIP) to retrieve the basket value and credit limit from an internal system.
B.    Configure an authorization policy to include a condition that executes a custom function.
C.    Configure the application to include the basket value and credit limit in the authorization request.
D.    Create a custom function to calculate the difference between the basket value and the credit limit.
E.    Use a PIP to call a web service that returns the calculated difference between the basket value and the credit limit.
F.    Return an obligation that contains the difference value so that the application can decide whether to allow the transaction or not.

Answer: BDF

Identify four data stores or repositories used by Oracle Identity Federation (OIF) 11g. (Choose four.)

A.    Federation data store
B.    User data store
C.    Audit data store
D.    Session and Message data store
E.    Reportsdata store
F.    Configuration data store
G.    Role data store

Answer: ABDF

In Security Token Service, what is the prerequisite when managing a Token Issuance Template? (Choose the best answer.)

A.    Confirm whether the desired LDAP Identity Store is registered with and configured as the Default Store.
B.    A WebGatemust be registered with Oracle Identity Federation.
C.    The WSS Validation Template must be configured to accept only X.509 certificates.
D.    SAML tokens must be present in the SOAP header.

Answer: D
http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E25178_01/doc.1111/e15478/osts_compnt.htm#CDDDDADE(aboutservers and oracle security token service)

Which two mechanisms does Oracle Access Manager provide for credential collection during authentication?

A.    Embedded Credential Collector (ECC)
B.    Security Store Collector (SSC)
C.    Detached Credential Collector (DCC)
D.    Security Token Services (STS)
E.    CredentialSecurity Framework (CSF)

Answer: AC


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