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What is the command to start all of the EMC NetWorker processes on a UNIX server?

A.    networker start
B.    ./networker
C.    networker-start
D.    /proc/networker

Answer: A

You have been tasked to move the EMC NetWorker Management Console (NMC) from the EMC NetWorker server to an alternate server.
To utilize the new server as an NMC, what is the complete list of software that needs to be installed?

A.    Client software
Console server software
Java Runtime Environment
B.    Console server software
Java Runtime Environment
C.    Client software
Console server software
Change Journal Manager software
D.    Storage node software
Java Runtime Environment

Answer: A

CL-1 is a client in an EMC NetWorker environment. The NetWorker server, NS-1, manages the environment and storage node SN-1A controls the data flow. You noticed that there are no entries in the /nsr/res/servers file on CL-1.
Which system is allowed to back up data from Client CL-1?

A.    Only NetWorker server NS-1
B.    Only storage node SN-1A
C.    Any NetWorker server
D.    Only NetWorker server NS-1 and storage node SN-1A

Answer: C

In an EMC NetWorker environment, you have been asked to create a custom command using “save” for the testing of new clients from the command line.
Where must this custom command reside on the server?

A.    <install dir>\Program Files\Legato\nsr\bin
B.    <install dir>\Program Files\Legato\nsr\res\nsrdb
C.    <install dir>\Program Files\Legato\nsr
D.    <install dir>\Program Files\Legato\nsr\res

Answer: A

Your Oracle DBA runs an RMAN script via cron to back up their data to an EMC NetWorker server. You run a report using the NetWorker Management Console (NMC) to view all backup activity. The Oracle backups are missing from the report.
How do you explain this?

A.    An NMC status report needs to be run on the Oracle client to see this information.
B.    A save set detail report needs to be run via NMC to see RMAN backups.
C.    You need to run an event summary in NMC to see data backed up using a NetWorker module.
D.    Data that is backed up manually is not tracked by NMC reporting.

Answer: D

In EMC NetWorker what will automatically mount and label a scratch volume when needed?

A.    Auto Media Management
B.    Dynamic Drive Sharing
C.    nsrjb
D.    nsrmmdb

Answer: A

You are logged in to your Windows-based EMC NetWorker server and are attempting to manually run a server-initiated backup via the command line. You are receiving an error when attempting the savegrp command. What is the most likely reason for the error?

A.    You do not have system administrator privileges.
B.    You cannot manually start server-initiated backups.
C.    You should use the save command instead of savegrp.
D.    The savegrp command can be run only from a backup client.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Based on the save set attribute defined in the EMC NetWorker client properties window, what is backed up?

A.    NMC installation directory
B.    NMC database
C.    /gst_on_noos1demo01 directory
D.    Media database

Answer: B

You are backing up a group of clients that have varying schedules. Using the EMC NetWorker administrator interface, you need to perform a full backup of all clients in that group. Using the NetWorker administrator how would you ensure all clients back up full on the next save group execution?

A.    Set a Level full in the group resource under the Advanced tab.
B.    Change the group resource Snapshot Pool to Full in the Setup tab.
C.    Uncheck the Force incremental option in the group resource Advanced tab.
D.    Create a staging resource called full and set the destination pool to full.

Answer: A

A user on the EMC NetWorker client wants to initiate a backup of selected files. At a minimum, which components must be configured before the backup can succeed?

A.    Client resource, device resource, labeled volume for the device
B.    Save set, save group, VTL
C.    Client resource, device resource, clone
D.    Advanced file type device, client resource, labeled volume for the device

Answer: A


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