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A Citrix Administrator needs to configure Store Front for High Availability in order to aggregate resources from multiple deployments.
Which two requirements or restrictions should the administrator consider when deciding to set up highly available multi-site configurations for stores? (Choose two.)

A. App Controller applications can also be aggregated as long as they have the same name and path on each server
B. StoreFront only provides access to backup deployments for disaster recovery when all the primary sites are available
C. While running “propagate task”, the administrator CANNOT make any further changes until all the servers in the group have been updated
D. If synchronization of user’s application subscriptions is configured between stores on separate StoreFront deployments, the stores must have the same name in each server group

Answer: CD

Creating Application Groups requires the delegated Administration permission of the built-in role. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. Machine Catalog Administrator
B. Host Administrator
C. Delivery Group Administrator
D. Help Desk Administrator

Answer: C

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator has deployed machines using Machine Creation Services (MCS). A user logs on to a randomly available desktop from a pool of Windows 10 desktops. During the session, the user installs Microsoft Office 2016.
To which disk is the Microsoft Office installation data written during the session?

A. Personal
B. Identity
C. Temporary
D. Differencing

Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is planning to update a Machine Catalog for the first time. The Machine Catalog was created with Machine Creation Services (MCS).
What happens to the identity disk after the update?

A. It is deleted and recreated
B. It stays the same size
C. It doubles in size
D. It is formatted and re-initialized

Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator previously configured a XenDesktop Site to use evaluation licenses. The administrator has recently installed valid Enterprise licenses on the Citrix License Server and confirmed that licenses show correctly in the licensing console. However, a user reported an issue about logging on to the published desktop. The user received an error message stating that the evaluation license is about to expire.
What should the administrator do to fix this issue?

A. Restart the License service
B. Change the product Edition in Citrix Studio
C. Remove the stale registry entries from License Server
D. Verify the host name entry in the license file

Answer: A

A Citrix Administrator wants to use NetScaler Gateway to allow external users to access internal resources securely.
Which three functionalities will the NetScaler Gateway provide to allow access to internal resources on behalf of external users? (Choose three.)

A. Allow secured external connections to StoreFront (reverse Web Proxy)
B. Authenticate Users
C. Enumerate resources
D. Allow secured access to internal hosted applications (HDX Proxy)
E. Aggregate resources

Answer: ABD

Which tool can be used to simulate multiple sessions of auto-creating printers using the same non-native printers?

A. Windows Performance Kit
B. Print Detective
C. Citrix UPS Print Driver Certification
D. StressPrinters

Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to secure XML traffic to an existing XenDesktop environment. The Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) is NOT installed on the Delivery Controller with the IP address
The organization mandates that a public certificate authority (CA) server should be used for securing all communication traffic.
After successfully testing the changes, the administrator will make the necessary changes within StoreFront.
Which two steps should the administrator take to make the necessary changes? (Choose two.)

A. Run the PowerShell command: BrokerService -WiSsIPort 443
B. Change the registry value of XmlServicesSsIPort HKLM\SOFTWARE\Citrix\DesktopServer to 443
C. Create a Domain Certificate
D. Create a certificate Requesr
E. Run the command: netsh http add sslcert ipport=

Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is investigating an instability in the system that is causing the Print Spooler service to stop frequently on the XenApp server. The administrator finds printer driver conflicts in the environment.
Which policy can the administrator use to resolve this issue and remove the unwanted printer drivers on the XenApp server?

A. Use only printer model specific drivers
B. Automatic Installation of in-box printer drivers
C. Auto-connect all client printers
D. Use universal printing only if requested driver is unavailable

Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator will use PowerShell to configure a new restart schedule for the Windows 2016 Server OS group named “Win2016-ServerOS” within the company’s XenDesktop infrastructure.
The administrator needs the machines in the Server OS group to restart at a time when NO users will be accessing them: beginning at 23:00 h (11 PM) each day, with 30-minute intervals between each machine restart.
Which PowerShell command should the administrator use?

A. Set-BrokerRebootScheduleV2 ­Name XYZ-ServerOS-DailyReboot-DesktopGroupName Win2016-ServerOS ­Frequency Daily ­StartTime “11:00” ­Enabled $true ­RebootDuration
B. Set-BrokerRebootSchedule ­Name XYZ-ServerOS-DailyReboot-DesktopGroupName Win2016-ServerOS ­Frequency Daily ­StartTime “23:00” ­Enabled $true ­RebootDuration
C. New-BrokerRebootSchedule ­Name XYZ-ServerOS-DailyReboot-DesktopGroupName Win2016-ServerOS ­Frequency Daily ­StartTime “11:00” ­Enabled $true ­RebootDuration
D. New-BrokerRebootScheduleV2 ­Name XYZ-ServerOS-DailyReboot- DesktopGroupName Win2016-ServerOS ­Frequency Daily ­StartTime “23:00” ­Enabled $true ­RebootDuration 30

Answer: A

A Citrix Administrator needs to review the Delivery Group historical data from the last 200 days. Which tool allows the administrator to view this data?

A. Citrix Studio – Delivery Groups
B. Citrix Director – Dashboard
C. Citrix Studio – Applications
D. Citrix Director – Trends

Answer: D


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