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An administrator is troubleshooting availability issues on a FCoE based storage array that uses deduplication.
An administrator has access to the raw data from the SAN and wants to restore the data to different hardware.
Which of the following issues may potentially occur?

A. The existing SAN may be read-only.
B. The existing SAN used LUN masking.
C. The new SAN is not FCoE based.
D. The data may not be in a usable format.

Answer: D

During user acceptance testing, the security administrator believes to have discovered an issue in the login prompt of the company’s financial system.
While entering the username and password, the program crashed and displayed the system command prompt.
The security administrator believes that one of the fields may have been mistyped and wants to reproduce the issue to report it to the software developers.
Which of the following should the administrator use to reproduce the issue?

A. The administrator should enter a username and use an offline password cracker in brute
force mode.
B. The administrator should use a network analyzer to determine which packet caused the
system to crash.
C. The administrator should extract the password file and run an online password cracker in
brute force mode against the password file.
D. The administrator should run an online fuzzer against the login screen.

Answer: D

Which of the following is a security advantage of single sign-on? (Select TWO).

A. Users only have to remember one password.
B. Applications need to validate authentication tokens.
C. Authentication is secured by the certificate authority.
D. Less time and complexity removing user access.
E. All password transactions are encrypted.

Answer: AD

A small company has recently placed a newly installed DNS server on the DMZ and wants to secure it by allowing Internet hosts to query the DNS server.
Since the company deploys an internal DNS server, all DNS queries to that server coming from the company network should be blocked.
An IT administrator has placed the following ACL on the company firewall:
Testing shows that the DNS server in the DMZ is not working.
Which of the following should the administrator do to resolve the problem?

A. Modify the SRC and DST ports of ACL 1
B. Modify the SRC IP of ACL 1 to
C. Modify the ACTION of ACL 2 to Permit
D. Modify the PROTO of ACL 1 to TCP

Answer: A

Security is one of the most important issues an organization must discuss. Mitch wants security that is built into an application. Why would this be a problem?

A. Mitch isn’t the head of security.
B. Security is usually within security products and perimeter devices.
C. The security application is far too expensive.
D. All of the above

Answer: B
Security is usually within security products and perimeter devices and not built into applications. The security products can cover a wide range of applications, can be controlled by a centralized management console, and are further away from application control. However, this approach does not always provide the necessary level of granularity and does not approach compromises that can take place because of problematic coding and programming routines.

David is a security administrator at his organization. He is trying to prevent unauthorized access to the corporate wireless network by people loafing around the office. What kind of wireless network threat is he trying to curb?

A. Man-in-the-middle
B. War driving
C. Dictionary attack
D. DNS spoofing

Answer: B
David is trying to curb a war driving attack.
Key Takeaway: War driving refers to driving around town with a laptop looking for WAPs that can be communicated with. The network card on the laptop is set to promiscuous mode and it looks for signals coming from anywhere. After intruders gain access, they may steal Internet access or start damaging your data.

You have entered information in the database. It has been changed and is reflected in the database. What has been done?

A. Integrity Check
B. Commit
C. Rollback
D. Savepoint

Answer: B
When information has been changed and the change is reflected, it has been committed. The commit operation completes a transaction and executes all changes just made by the user. These changes can be made to data or schema information. Because these changes are committed, they are then available to all other applications and users. If a user attempts to commit a change and it cannot complete correctly, a rollback is performed.
This ensures that partial changes do not take place and that data are not corrupted.

Database models define the relationship between different data elements, dictate how data can be accessed and define acceptable operations, the type of integrity offered, and how the data is organized. What type of database uses attributes and tuples to contain and organize information?

A. Hierarchical Data Model
B. Relational Database Model
C. Network Database Model
D. Object-oriented Database

Answer: B
The relational database model uses attributes and tuples to contain and organize information. The relational database model is the most widely used model. It presents information in the form of tables. A relational database is composed of a two-dimensional table and each table contains unique rows, columns, and cells. Each cell contains only one data value that represents a specific attribute value within a given tuple. These data entities are linked by a relationship that forms the base for organization of data.

George is reading a publication on ethics-related statements concerning the use of the Internet. Who wrote this statement?

A. Ethics Board International
B. The International Internet Associations
C. The Internet Architecture Board
D. Corporate Ethics and Internet Organization

Answer: C
The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) issues ethics-related statements concerning the use of the Internet. It considers the Internet to be a resource that depends upon availability and accessibility to be useful to a wide range of people. It is mainly concerned with irresponsible acts on the Internet that could threaten its existence or negatively affect others. It sees the Internet as a great gift and works hard to protect it for all who depend upon it.

What is a single link that is pre-established for the purposes of WAN communications between two destinations?

A. Sonnet Links
B. Dedicated Links
C. Telecommunication Links
D. None of the Above

Answer: B
Dedicated links are single links that are pre-established for the purposes of WAN communication between two destinations. It is dedicated, meaning only the destination points can communicate with each other. This link is not shared by any other entities at any time. This was the main way companies communicated in the past because not as many choices were available as there are today. Establishing a dedicated link is a good idea for two locations that will communicate often and require fast transmission and a specific bandwidth, but it is expensive compared to the possible technologies that enable several companies to share the same bandwidth and also share the cost.

Which of the following statements regarding the MD5 algorithm is NOT true?

A. It uses a two-way hash.
B. It offers better security than its predecessors.
C. It uses a one-way hash.
D. It uses a 32-bit hash for encryption.

Answer: A
MD5 creates a hash value and uses a one-way hash. The hash value is used to help maintain integrity. It uses a 32-bit hash for encryption and offers better security than its predecessors.


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