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Some of yours users report issues when they are dialing extensions located in other branch offices. Sometimes the calls are set up successfully, and sometimes users experience problems during call setup. Which two reasons for the issue are true? (Choose two)

A. Not enough bandwidth is available between the two locations and Automated Alternate Routing is disabled on this cluster.
B. The Partition that contains the called extensions is not assigned to the line or device CSS of the calling users.
C. A firewall rule blocks traffic between the branch offices so the call setup cannot be completed.
D. The called extension is used only on a device profile for extension mobility and the user has been authenticated to a second phone in a different branch so the calls are delivered randomly to only one of his phones.
E. The remote branch experiences WAN link outages and there is no Forward Unregistered Internal number configured for the remote directory number.

Answer: CD

You have an endpoint registration problem with VCS, and the event log reason of “unknown domain”. The domain names that your endpoints are using to register with must be added to this list. Where do you check the list of defined domains?

A. VCS configuration > Domains > SIP
B. VCS configuration > Protocols > SCCP > Domains
C. VCS Domains > Protocols > SIP
D. VCS configuration > Protocols > SIP > Domains

Answer: B

An engineer configured Cisco Extension Mobility for a user. The user can log in to the profile but notices that the extension is not correct.
Which component should the engineer check first to verify the user extension?

A. UC Service
B. Device Profile
C. User Profile
D. Phone Service
E. SIP Profile

Answer: A

In a Cisco Unified Communications Manager call trace, which string indicates an intrasite call?

A. OutsideDialtone = [1]
B. cmDeviceType=[AccessDevice]
C. OutsideDialtone= [0]
D. OutsideDialtone-[2]

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Based on the ACK SDP output, what can be concluded?

A. There is no DTMF support for the call.
B. The total amount of bandwidth for the video channels is 192 kbps.
C. High-definition video is configured for the endpoints
D. This event is a multipoint video call with three participants.

Answer: D

An engineer is troubleshooting an existing dial plan and encounters the dial pattern: 12[0- 5]X Which directory numbers are matched by this pattern?

A. 120 through 125
B. 1200 through 1250
C. 1200 through 1259
D. all numbers starting with 12

Answer: A

A company has a headquarters and a remote site. Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) acts as a DHCP server. Both sites use their local voice gateways tor PSTN calls. At the headquarters site, the PSTN prefix is 9, and the emergency number is 911. At the remote site, the PSTN prefix is 0, and the emergency number is 112. Here are the deployment policies for roaming devices:
– Softphones can roam between two sites.
– A roaming softphone uses the local gateway for all PSTN calls.
– The user keeps home dial habits on a roaming softphone, with the exception of the emergency number.
When a headquarters user uses a softphone at the remote site, prefix 9 can be used to make PSTN calls via voce gateway in the remote site, but emergency number 112 does not work. Which setting on CUCM should be checked?

A. Device Mobility Group
B. Physical Location
C. DHCP subnet
D. Device Mobility Info

Answer: D

You need to add transcoding support for g711alaw between two different sites. The current configuration is as follows:
dspfarm profile 1 transcode
codec g711 ulaw
codec g729ar8
codec g729abr8
codec g729br8
codec g729r8
maximum sessions 4
associate application SCCP
Which two steps do you need to take in order to add support for this codec? (Choose two)

A. Add the command codec g711alaw and issue the no shutdown command.
B. Issue the command no associate application SCCP
C. Disassociate the profile under the CCM group.
D. Issue the command shutdown under the dspfarm profile.
E. Add the command codec g711alaw and issue the command no sccp followed by the command sccp.

Answer: AE

Users of your local Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster report that they receive error “Login is unavailable (23)” when they try to log in to Extension Mobility. Which reason for this error is true?

A. User provided the wrong UserID or PIN
B. User has no Extension Mobility profiles assigned.
C. The given user ID is not found any of the remote clusters.
D. Phone is not subscribed to Extension Mobility phone service.

Answer: C

A network administrator is troubleshooting a support ticket with ID33118456 regarding video bandwidth issues. On a Cisco TelePresence VCS, the administrator can configure bandwidth control for which two VCS configuration options? (Choose two)

A. links and pipes
B. subzones
D. Bandwidth restrictions can be configured only on endpoints.
E. zones

Answer: AB

Cisco Unified Communications Manager is configured to collect H.245 and H 225 traces through the Cisco Serviceability web interface. What do you use to download and view the trace files?

A. Cisco Unified OS Administration
B. Cisco Unified Serviceability
C. Bulk Administration > upload/Download Files
D. Cisco Unified Real-Time monitoring Tool

Answer: D

You have configured a new MGCP gateway on your Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers but the endpoints are shown with status “None”.
What are two possible solutions for this registration issue? (Choose two)

A. Configure the voice-VLAN interface of the MGCP gateway with mgcp-gateway voip interface command to set the source IP address of the MGCP packets correctly.
B. Ensure that you have configured the mgcp call-agent command with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager server address or hostname.
C. Enable the endpoint voice interface for backhauling in interface configuration mode with the isdn bind-l3 ccm-manager command
D. Ensure that you have configured the ccm-manager call-agent command with the correct Cisco Unified Communications Manager server address or hostname.
E. Activate the MGCP Feature service on all call-processing servers in the cluster.

Answer: BD


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