This page was exported from Braindump2go Free Latest Microsoft Hot Exam Dumps In PDF & VCE Free Download [ ] Export date:Sat Jan 29 13:57:37 2022 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2020-June-New]Exam 300-720 Dumps PDF 70Q Free Offered by Braindump2go[1-20] --------------------------------------------------- June/2020 New Braindump2go 300-720 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new 300-720 Real Exam Questions!QUESTION 1Which SMTP extension does Cisco ESA support for email security?A. ETRNB. UTF8SMTPC. PIPELININGD. STARTTLSCorrect Answer: DQUESTION 2Which feature utilizes sensor information obtained from Talos intelligence to filter email servers connecting into the Cisco ESA?A. SenderBase Reputation FilteringB. Connection Reputation FilteringC. Talos Reputation FilteringD. SpamCop Reputation FilteringCorrect Answer: AQUESTION 3When the Spam Quarantine is configured on the Cisco ESA, what validates end-users via LDAP during login to the End-User Quarantine?A. Enabling the End-User Safelist/Blocklist featureB. Spam Quarantine External Authentication QueryC. Spam Quarantine End-User Authentication QueryD. Spam Quarantine Alias Consolidation QueryCorrect Answer: CQUESTION 4Which benefit does enabling external spam quarantine on Cisco SMA provide?A. ability to back up spam quarantine from multiple Cisco ESAs to one central consoleB. access to the spam quarantine interface on which a user can release, duplicate, or deleteC. ability to scan messages by using two engines to increase a catch rateD. ability to consolidate spam quarantine data from multiple Cisco ESA to one central consoleCorrect Answer: DQUESTION 5When email authentication is configured on Cisco ESA, which two key types should be selected on the signing profile? (Choose two.)A. DKIMB. Public KeysC. Domain KeysD. Symmetric KeysE. Private KeysCorrect Answer: ACQUESTION 6What are two phases of the Cisco ESA email pipeline? (Choose two.)A. rejectB. workqueueC. actionD. deliveryE. quarantineCorrect Answer: BDQUESTION 7Which two action types are performed by Cisco ESA message filters? (Choose two.)A. non-final actionsB. filter actionsC. discard actionsD. final actionsE. quarantine actionsCorrect Answer: ADQUESTION 8Which setting affects the aggressiveness of spam detection?A. protection levelB. spam thresholdC. spam timeoutD. maximum depth of recursion scanCorrect Answer: BQUESTION 9 What is the order of virus scanning when multilayer antivirus scanning is configured?A. The default engine scans for viruses first and the McAfee engine scans for viruses second.B. The Sophos engine scans for viruses first and the McAfee engine scans for viruses second.C. The McAfee engine scans for viruses first and the default engine scans for viruses second. D. The McAfee engine scans for viruses first and the Sophos engine scans for viruses second.Correct Answer: CQUESTION 10Which antispam feature is utilized to give end users control to allow emails that are spam to be delivered to their inbox, overriding any spam verdict and action on the Cisco ESA?A. end user allow listB. end user spam quarantine accessC. end user passthrough listD. end user safelistCorrect Answer: BQUESTION 11What are two prerequisites for implementing undesirable URL protection in Cisco ESA? (Choose two.)A. Enable outbreak filters.B. Enable email relay.C. Enable antispam scanning.D. Enable port bouncing.E. Enable antivirus scanning.Correct Answer: ACQUESTION 12DRAG DROPDrag and drop the steps to configure Cisco ESA to use SPF/SIDF verification from the left into the correct order on the right.Select and Place: Correct Answer: QUESTION 13Which suboption must be selected when LDAP is configured for Spam Quarantine End-User Authentication?A. Designate as the active queryB. Update FrequencyC. Server PriorityD. Entity IDCorrect Answer: AQUESTION 14Which action must be taken before a custom quarantine that is being used can be deleted?A. Delete the quarantine that is assigned to a filter.B. Delete the quarantine that is not assigned to a filter. C. Delete only the unused quarantine.D. Remove the quarantine from the message action of a filter.Correct Answer: DQUESTION 15DRAG DROPAn Encryption Profile has been set up on the Cisco ESA.Drag and drop the steps from the left for creating an outgoing content filter to encrypt emails that contains the subject "Secure:" into the correct order on the right.Select and Place: Correct Answer: QUESTION 16What is the maximum message size that can be configured for encryption on the Cisco ESA?A. 20 MBB. 25 MBC. 15 MBD. 30 MBCorrect Answer: AQUESTION 17An analyst creates a new content dictionary to use with Forged Email Detection. Which entry will be added into the dictionary?A. mycompany.comB. Alpha BetaC. ^Alpha Beta$D. Alpha.Beta@mycompany.comCorrect Answer: AQUESTION 18Which process is skipped when an email is received from, which is on the safelist?A. message filterB. antivirus scanningC. outbreak filterD. antispam scanningCorrect Answer: AQUESTION 19Which two query types are available when an LDAP profile is configured? (Choose two.)A. proxy consolidationB. userC. recursiveD. groupE. routingCorrect Answer: DEQUESTION 20Which action is a valid fallback when a client certificate is unavailable during SMTP authentication on Cisco ESA?A. LDAP QueryB. SMTP AUTHC. SMTP TLSD. 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