This page was exported from Braindump2go Free Latest Microsoft Hot Exam Dumps In PDF & VCE Free Download [ ] Export date:Thu Jul 29 6:02:17 2021 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2021-January-New]100% Exam Pass-PK0-004 Dumps VCE and PDF Free from Braindump2go[Q500-Q522] --------------------------------------------------- 2021/January Latest Braindump2go PK0-004 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new PK0-004 Real Exam Questions!QUESTION 500Which of the following is the BEST indicator of project failure?A. Product deficiencies revealed during the monitor and control phaseB. Project team members disagreeing on milestonesC. Project deliverables completed behind scheduleD. Several changes being made to the projectAnswer: AQUESTION 501The stakeholders who are available for the user acceptance test do not understand the project's requirements. The tester is trying to identify who requested the feature, but there is no information available. Which of the following components is missing?A. RTMB. Quality planC. Project scheduleD. SOWAnswer: BQUESTION 502Language barriers will MOST likely influence a PM to:A. use more print media to communicate with the stakeholders.B. hire a bilingual project team that is fluent in the language to reduce conflict.C. hire an interpreter to ensure verbal and written communications are accurate.D. learn the unknown language to be able to communicate effectively with stakeholders.Answer: BQUESTION 503A key stakeholder claims to have not received status updates per the agreement. The PM reviews the communications plan and determines the updates were provided as agreed upon. Which of the following should the PM do NEXT to resolve the inconsistency between the communications plan and the stakeholder's expectations?A. Analyze the RASI chartB. Review previous meeting minutes.C. Initiate a change control request.D. Updates the communications plan.Answer: AQUESTION 504A new executive has joined the organization and is considering adding deliverables to the scope. The sponsor agrees with the executive but does not want to change the completion date. Which of the following options would be MOST useful to the project manager to accommodate the new scope without extending the completion date? (Choose two.)A. Fast-track some tasks to free up time.B. Remove some of the previous deliverables.C. Document the impact to the scope.D. Request additional funds to get more resources.E. Deny the scope change.F. Perform regression analysis on the changes.Answer: CDQUESTION 505A project manager is not going to finish a project on time but cannot change the deadline or add more budget. Which of the following types of change would allow the project manager to finish the project successfully?A. ResourcesB. CommunicationC. OrganizationD. QualityAnswer: DQUESTION 506Many questions have arisen regarding a newly identified project. Project team members are anxious to know who will be part of the team and what the project will deliver. Which of the following would be the BEST way to provide this information?A. Kickoff meetingB. Status reportC. Company-wide emailD. CCB meetingAnswer: AQUESTION 507Which of the following charts would indicate the cause and effect of tasks in a project, and for which of the following activities would the chart be used?A. Histogram, forecastingB. Ishikawa, quality controlC. Scatter, determining resourcesD. Gantt, leveraging resourcesAnswer: BQUESTION 508A project manager has set aside a contingency reserve for unforeseen communications. Which of the following types of communication is MOST likely to utilize this contingency reserve?A. Impromptu meetingB. Closure conferenceC. Distributed printed mediaD. Kickoff meetingAnswer: AQUESTION 509A construction company is building a plant in a territory that is prone to earthquakes. To address the risk and consequences of potential earthquakes during and after plant construction, the company purchases additional insurance. Which of the following risk responses has occurred?A. AvoidingB. MitigatingC. AcceptingD. TransferringAnswer: DQUESTION 510Which of the following is a component of the project cost control?A. Scope statementB. Burn rateC. MOUD. SLAAnswer: AQUESTION 511A project manager is starting a project on an unfamiliar technology. The document that is MOST likely to be created and distributed is an:A. RTMB. RFQC. RFID. RFPAnswer: CQUESTION 512Analogous estimating was used earlier in a hauling project; however, through progressive elaboration, it is determined that the cost for fuel is much lower than anticipated. Which of the following types of project change should be submitted?A. ResourcesB. RequirementsC. ScopeD. FundingAnswer: DQUESTION 513During planning, a project coordinator publishes the project management plan. After reviewing the plan, the project sponsor is concerned it is too long and detailed. Which of the following does the project sponsor desire?A. Status reportB. Task durationsC. Project scheduleD. Schedule management planAnswer: AQUESTION 514Which of the following are major characteristics of sprint planning? (Choose two.)A. Defining the sprint durationsB. Defining the sprint ownersC. Defining the sprint parametersD. Defining the number of sprintsE. Defining the sprint classificationsAnswer: ACQUESTION 515A project manager is performing resource leveling and notices one of the functional testers is assigned 40% in a second project. The project manager needs the resource to be 100% dedicated to the project; otherwise, the testing phase jeopardizes the delivery date. Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?A. Ask the resource manager to deallocate the resource from the second project.B. Ask the resource manager to assign a new resource with 40% of allocation.C. Keep the resource 100% allocated in the project, as per the initial plan.D. Change the resource to 60% of allocation and review the mitigation plan.Answer: DQUESTION 516Which of the following methods should a project manager use to improve email communication for a time- sensitive, high-visibility global project? (Choose two.)A. Limit email recipients to only required team members.B. Increase the number of emails to encourage team interaction.C. Set up emails with bold text and all caps in the subject line.D. Eliminate acronyms from the email to avoid miscommunication.E. Include more information to increase the length of each email message.F. Include detailed technical consideration in each email.Answer: ABQUESTION 517Which of the following roles is MOST involved in checking the quality of the deliverables and supporting the project manager during the project?A. SponsorB. Team leaderC. Project coordinatorD. TesterAnswer: DQUESTION 518When developing a project schedule, which of the following resources is the BEST to estimate task duration?A. Project managerB. Project schedulerC. Project teamD. Project sponsorAnswer: BQUESTION 519A project manager has updated the project schedule but cannot analyze the schedule performance. Which of the following steps did the project manager miss?A. Lock the scheduleB. Approve the scheduleC. Baseline the scheduleD. Fast track the scheduleAnswer: CQUESTION 520The quarterly financial statement has been released, and portfolios are losing funding for projects. Which of the following options are MOST appropriate to keep the project alive and on schedule? (Choose two.)A. Shorten the project duration.B. Reduce the features being released.C. Request more time with a smaller project team.D. Reduce quality control.E. Ask for operational team support.Answer: BDQUESTION 521Which of the following can a project manager use to keep track of finances and ensure costs are accurately applied to a project?A. PO numbersB. Cost baselineC. Bill of materialsD. WBS codesAnswer: DQUESTION 522Which of the following includes setting governance gates as well as predecessors and dependencies?A. Project communicationB. Project constraintsC. Project change controlD. 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