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New Question
An administrator needs to control servers locally via a console. The administrator wants a rack mounted solution for easy access. Which of the following should be installed?


Answer: B

New Question
A technician is tasked with creating servers that are fault tolerant and highly available.
Which of the following would be the BEST solution for this task?

A. Load balancing
B. Virtualization
C. Clustering
D. Round robin

Answer: C

New Question
A technician is asked to troubleshoot a hardware alert on a server. The server is up and running and all users can access their data. Which of the following could the technician use to find the failed component? (Select TWO).

B. Dataflow diagram
C. Power supply tester
D. LCD messages
E. Cabling diagram

Answer: AD

New Question
A server administrator is creating a design for a new datacenter. The servers should be configured for maximum availability and also provide caching for user information requests. Which of the following techniques should be used?

A. Active/Passive
B. Round robin
C. Heartbeat
D. Active/Active
E. Passive/Passive

Answer: D

New Question
A company is planning to replace old hardware and needs to budget accordingly. Which of the following is likely to contain a list of end of life servers?

A. The server’s warranty information.
B. The server’s life cycle schedule.
C. The asset management database.
D. The software licensing agreement.

Answer: C

New Question
Historical data shows that on average, a server is likely to fail once every nine months. A company has purchased 24×7, four hour hardware response to replace a server’s failed hardware. Additionally, the company can restore a server to its operational status within six hours from the time the failed hardware has been replaced. Which of the following describes this scenario?

A. The company’s MTTR is ten hours.
B. Individual servers have 99.999% uptime.
C. Service can be restored within four hours.
D. The operational SLA is six hours.

Answer: A

New Question
A technician would like to restrict when internal hardware components on the server are accessed. Which of the following server hardening techniques should the technician implement?

A. Intrusion detection
B. BIOS password
C. Chassis lock
D. Disable WOL

Answer: C

New Question
An email administrator is tasked to setup a Linux mail server. One of the requirements is to close all ports except SSH, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4. Which of the following commands should be used to see which ports are currently open on the mail server? (Select TWO).

A. lsof
B. netstat
C. ipconfig
D. traceroute
E. ping
F. dig

Answer: AB

New Question
Which of the following authentication protocols could be used to authenticate network administrators at a datacenter to manage switches over a remote SSH connection? (Select TWO).

E. IPSec

Answer: BC

New Question
An administrator is building a web server to host an online banking application. The server should not have access to the internal network, and only ports that are used by the application should be opened. Which of the following MUST be implemented to meet the business requirements?

A. Add the server to the internal network and use IPSec to encrypt communication between the web server and other devices.
B. Use an ISA server to block access to the internal network.
C. Use VPN to block all ports that are not used by the application.
D. Use the company firewall to block all ports that are not used by the application.

Answer: D

New Question
A server administrator is configuring access control on a file server for an organization.
The Human Resources manager is taking a leave of absence for three months, during which time an interim Human Resources manager will take over the duties of the position.
Which of the following types of access control should be configured on the file server?


Answer: D

New Question
Which of the following methods should be used when classified or sensitive data is stored on a server?

A. Directory encryption
B. Whole disk encryption
C. File encryption
D. Partition encryption

Answer: B

New Question
A technician working in the datacenter has finished racking a new 4U server into a new rack. Which of the following should the technician do to allow for hot/cold aisle containment?

A. Close the perforated floor tile in front of the new rack.
B. Reset the rack temperature and humidity control.
C. Install blanking panels in the rack.
D. Lower the temperature of the data center HVAC.

Answer: C

New Question
Two technicians are asked to install a 6U server at location U25 in a 40U server rack.
The rack has been properly stabilized to the floor.
Which of the following tools would BEST be used to install the server?

A. A static strap.
B. A server lift.

Answer: B

New Question
A new file server is added to an existing network. Some users are able to connect to this server, while others are not. A partial network configuration on the server shows the following:
Link local: fe80::3000:aff:dea6:f8c/64
Which of the following BEST explains why some users cannot connect to the server?

A. The users’ workstations are configured to use DHCP.
B. The users’ workstations do not support IPv6.
C. The users’ workstations are not on the same network as the server.
D. The user’s workstations are configured with an incorrect subnet mask.

Answer: B

New Question
A server technician is updating the operating system on a server.
Currently, the server is running the following services:
The updated server will be used to allow clients to access Web services, resolve host names to IP addresses for mobile iOS clients, and provide network access to thin clients running a Linux operating system. Which of the following services can be removed?


Answer: B


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