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An engineer is trying to determine the most cost-effective way to deploy high availability for a campus enterprise wireless network that currently leverages three wireless LAN controllers.
Which architecture should the engineer deploy?

A. N+1 solution without SSO
B. N+1 with SSO
C. N+N solution without SSO
D. N+N with SSO

Answer: B

During a post deployment site survey, issues are found with non-Wi-Fi interference.
What should the engineer use to identify the source of the interference?

A. Cisco Spectrum Expert
B. wireless intrusion prevention
C. Wireshark
D. network analysis module

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. An enterprise is using wireless as the main network connectivity for clients. To ensure service continuity, a pair of controllers will be installed in a datacenter.
An engineer is designing SSO on the pair of controllers.
What needs to be included m the design to avoid having the secondary controller go into maintenance mode?

A. The keep alive timer is too low which causes synchronization problems.
B. The connection between the redundancy ports is missing.
C. The redundancy port must be the same subnet as the redundancy mgmt.
D. The Global Configuration of SSO is set to Disabled on the controller.

Answer: A

Campus users report a poor wireless experience. An engineer investigating the issue notices that in high-density areas the wireless clients fail to switch the AP to which are automatically connected. This sticky client behavior is causing roaming issues.
Which feature must the engineer configure?

A. load balancing and band select
B. optimized roaming
C. Layer 3 roaming
D. Layer 2 roaming

Answer: B

An engineer changed me TPC Power Threshold for a wireless deployment from the default value to 65 dBm. The engineer conducts a new post deployment survey to validate the results.
What is the expected outcome?

A. increased received sensitivity
B. decreased channel overlap
C. decreased client signal strength
D. increased cell size

Answer: C

A customer is looking for a network design with Cisco Hyperlocation using AP4800 for location tracking via a custom mobile app issues appeared in me past with refresh rates for location updates. What needs to be implemented to meet these requirements?

A. Cisco FastLocate technology
B. redundant CMX and fetch location in round-robin fashion
C. device Bluetooth via the app
D. Cisco CMX SDK in the location app

Answer: A

What is the attenuation value of a human body on a wireless signal?

A. 3 dB
B. 4 dB
C. 6 dB
D. 12 dB

Answer: B

Why is 802.11a connectivity reduced in an X-ray room?

A. X-rays impact the 802.11a UNll-2 channels Vial cause access points to dynamically change channels.
B. X-ray rooms exhibit increased signal attenuation
C. X-rays within these rooms cause multipath issues.
D. X-rays create significant non-Wi-Fi interference on the 802.11a band

Answer: B

A medium-sized hospitality company with 50 hotels needs to upgrade the existing WLAN m each hotel to 802Hn. During the site surveys tor each hotel, what needs to be taken into consideration when determining the locations for each AP?

A. Selecting AP locations where power is already available
B. Selecting APs that can be hidden in ceiling panels lo provide a secure and clean aesthetic look.
C. Selecting locations that make visual assessment of the AP operation easy
D. Selecting locations that are easily accessed so maintenance and upgrades can be performed quickly

Answer: A

A network engineer needs to create a wireless design to bridge wired IP surveillance cameras in the parking lot through a mesh AP.
To which operate mode of the AP should the cameras connect?

B. local
C. FlexConnect

Answer: D

An engineer at a global enterprise organization must ensure that a mesh deployment has the highest number of channels available to the backhaul regardless of region deployed.
Which design meets this requirement?

A. one controller per country code
B. redundant controllers in the least restrictive regulatory domain
C. redundant controllers in the most restrictive regulatory domain
D. one controller per continent

Answer: C

An enterprise is using two wireless controllers to support the wireless network. The data center is located in the head office. Each controller has a corporate WLAN configured with the name CoprNET390595865WLC-1 and Copr-NET6837l638WLC-2. The APs are installed using a round-robin approach to load balance the traffic.
What should be changed on the configuration to optimize roaming?

A. Move all access points to one controller and use the other as N-1 HA.
B. Use the same WLAN name for the corporate network on both controllers
C. Move the controllers to an external data center with higher internet speeds
D. Place the access points per floor on the same controller.

Answer: D

An engineer is conducting a Layer 2 site survey.
Which type of client must the engineer match to the survey?

A. best client available
B. phone client
C. normal client
D. worst client available

Answer: C

A wireless engineer is using Ekahau Site Survey to validate that an existing wireless network is operating as expected.
Which type of survey should be used to identify the end-to-end network performance?

A. spectrum analysis
B. passive
C. GPS assisted
D. active ping

Answer: A

The wireless learn must configure a new voice SSID for optimized roaming across multiple WLCs with Cisco 8821 phones. Which two WLC settings accomplish this goal? (Choose two)

A. Configure mobility groups between WLCs
B. Use Cisco Centralized Key Management for authentication.
C. Configure AP groups between WLCs.
D. Configure AVC profiles on the SSlD
E. Use AVC to lag traffic voice traffic as best effort.

Answer: BE
https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/voice_ip_comm/cuipph/8821/english/adminguide/w88x_b _wireless-8821-8821ex-admin-guide/w88x_b_wireless-8821-8821ex-admin-guide_chapter_01.html

An engineer is designing an outdoor mesh network to cover several sports fields.
The core of the network is located In a building at the entrance of a sports complex.
Which type of antenna should be used with the RAP for backhaul connectivity?

A. 5 GHz. 8-dBi omnidirectional antenna
B. 2.4 GHz. 8-dBi patch antenna
C. 2 4 GHz. 14-dBi omnidirectional antenna
D. 5 GHz. 14-dBi patch antenna

Answer: A
The AP1524PS includes three radios: a 2.4 -GHz, a 5.8GHz, and a 4.9-GHz radio. The 2.4-GHz radio is for client access (nonpublic safety traffic) and the 4.9-GHz radio is for public safety client access traffic only. The 5.8-GHz radio can be used as the backhaul for both public safety and non-public safety traffic.
https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/controller/7-6/configuration-guide/b_cg76/ b_cg76_chapter_010000001.html

A customer has restricted the AP and antenna combinations for a design to be limited to one model integrated antenna AP for carpeted spaces and one model external antenna AP with high gam antennas tor industrial, maintenance, or storage areas. When moving between a carpeted area to an industrial area, the engineer forgets to change survey devices and surveys several Aps.
Which strategy will reduce the negative impact of the design?

A. Resurvey and adjust the design
B. Deploy unsurveyed access points to the design
C. Deploy the specified access points per area type
D. increase the Tx power on incorrectly surveyed access points

Answer: A

An engineer is designing a wireless network to support nigh availability. The network will need to support the total number of APs and client SSO. Live services should continue to work without interruption during the failover.
Which two requirements need to be incorporated into the design to meet these needs? (Choose two)

A. redundant vWLC
B. controller high availability pair with one of the WLCs having a valid AP count license
C. 10 sec RTT
D. back-to-back direct connection between WLCs
E. WLC 7.5 code or more recent

Answer: BD

Refer to the exhibit. During a post Mesh deployment survey, an engineer notices that frame cessions occur when MAP-1 and MAP-3 talk to RAP-2.
Which type of issue does the engineer need to address in the design?

A. co-channel interference
B. backhaul latency
C. hidden node
D. exposed node

Answer: A

An enterprise is using the wireless network as the main network connection for corporate users and guests. To ensure wireless network availability, two standalone controllers are installed in the head office APs are connected to the controllers using a round-robin approach to load balance the traffic. After a power cut, the wireless clients disconnect while roaming. An engineer tried to ping from the controller but fails.
Which protocol needs to be allowed between the networks that the controllers are Installed?

A. IP Protocol 67
B. IP Protocol 77
C. IP Protocol 87
D. IP Protocol 97

Answer: D

An engineer must perform a pre deployment site survey.
For a new building in a high-security area. The design must provide a primary signal RSSI of -65 dBM for the clients.
Which two requirements complete this design? (Choose two)

A. site access
B. AP model
C. WLC model
D. HVAC access
E. number of clients

Answer: BE

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