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Vendor: SymantecExam Code: 250-254Exam Name: Symantec Cluster Server 6.1 for UNIX Technical Assessment   QUESTION 1Refer to the exhibit. The exhibit shows an N-to-1 cluster configuration, in which nodes are connected to storage devices via dual-hosted SCSI cables.Why is this…Continue Reading →

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QUESTION 1What can you do with the DBMS_LOB package? A.    Use the DBMS_LOB.WRITE procedure to write data to a BFILE.B.    Use the DBMS_LOB.BFILENAME function to locate an external BFILE.C.    Use the DBMS_LOB.FILEEXISTS function to find the location of a BFILE.D.   …Continue Reading →

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QUESTION 1Examine the parameters for your database instance:NAMETYPE VALUE————————– ——————————- —————————undo_management string AUTOundo_retentioninteger 12 00undo_tablespace string UNDOTBS1You execute the following command:SQL> ALTER TABLESPACE undotbs1 RETENTION NOGUARANTEE;Which statement is true in this scenario? A.    Undo data is written to flashback logs…Continue Reading →

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QUESTION 1You need to create a table for a banking application. One of the columns in the table has the following requirements:1) You want a column in the table to store the duration of the credit period.2) The data in…Continue Reading →

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QUESTION 1You notice that the performance of your production 24/7 Oracle database significantly degraded. Sometimes you are not able to connect to the instance because it hangs. You do not want to restart the database instance.How can you detect the…Continue Reading →

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QUESTION 1 As part of archiving the historical data, you want to transfer data from one database to another database, which is on another server. All tablespaces in the source database are read/write and online. The source and target databases…Continue Reading →

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QUESTION 1Evaluate the following CREATE TABLE commands:CREATE TABLE orders(ord_no NUMBER(2) CONSTRAINT ord_pk PRIMARY KEY,ord_date DATE,cust_id NUMBER(4));CREATE TABLE ord_items(ord_no NUMBER(2),item_no NUMBER(3),qty NUMBER(3) CHECK (qty BETWEEN 100 AND 200),expiry_date date CHECK (expiry_date > SYSDATE),CONSTRAINT it_pk PRIMARY KEY (ord_no,item_no),CONSTRAINT ord_fk FOREIGN KEY(ord_no) REFERENCES…Continue Reading →

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QUESTION 1 Oracle Web Services Manager uses an agent-based approach to providing Web Services security. Where are these agents deployed? A.    In any IPv4 of Later network firewall B.    In the Oracle WebLogic Server Web Service request Interceptors C.    In…Continue Reading →

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QUESTION 1 APIs for dynamically registering servlets and filters can be called at: A.    Context initialization time B.    Any time C.    There is no way to dynamically register servlets and filters D.    Context destruction time E.    Injected into a servlet…Continue Reading →

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QUESTION 1 The developer has defined the following entity class office:   Which of the following attributes will be in corresponding generated static metamodel class for the rooms’ field? A.    Public static volatile CollectionAttribute<Room> rooms; B.    Public static volatile ListAttribute<Room>…Continue Reading →

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QUESTION 1 Which of the following WS-Security token profiles is not supported in Metro? A.    X509 Token Profile B.    Kerberos Token Profile C.    SAML Token Profile D.    SOAP with Attachments (SWA) profile E.    Right Expression Language (REL) Token Profile Answer:…Continue Reading →