ST0-118 Dumps

Official 2014 Symantec ST0-118 Dump Free Download(91-100)!

QUESTION 91What is the Internet browser address to access the Advanced Search page? A.    http://servername/EnterpriseVault/searchadv.aspB.    http://servername/EnterpriseVault/searcho2k.asp?advancedC.    http://servername/EnterpriseVault/search.asp?mode=advancedD.    http://servername/EnterpriseVault/search.asp?advanced Answer: D QUESTION 92An organization’s eDiscovery Team found that users are auto-archiving email to a PST file in Outlook to prevent items…Continue Reading →

Official 2014 Symantec ST0-118 Dump Free Download(71-80)!

QUESTION 71Which policy in the Vault Administration Console allows administrators to enable Enterprise Vault functions for OWA? A.    Mailbox PolicyB.    Provisioning PolicyC.    Desktop PolicyD.    Journaling Policy Answer: CTopic 2, Volume B QUESTION 72Which two functions does Vault Cache provide to…Continue Reading →

Official 2014 Symantec ST0-118 Dump Free Download(51-60)!

QUESTION 51Which properties page should an administrator access within the Vault Administration Console to configure the default archiving schedule for all Mailbox Archiving Tasks? A.    SiteB.    DirectoryC.    PolicyD.    Task Answer: A QUESTION 52Where should an administrator manually synchronize mailboxes in…Continue Reading →

Official 2014 Symantec ST0-118 Dump Free Download(41-50)!

QUESTION 41Where is the Single Instance Storage sharing boundary defined? A.    Vault Store partitionB.    Vault Store GroupC.    Vault StoreD.    Indexes Answer: B QUESTION 42An administrator makes a change to the “Remove safety copies” setting on an Enterprise Vault server. Which…Continue Reading →