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Which Security Operations Center’s goal is to provide incident handling to a country?

A. Coordination Center
B. Internal CSIRT
C. National CSIRT
D. Analysis Center

Answer: C

A CMS plugin creates two files that are accessible from the Internet myplugin.html and exploitable.php. A newly discovered exploit takes advantage of an injection vulnerability in exploitable.php. To exploit the vulnerability, one must send an HTTP POST with specific variables to exploitable.php. You see traffic to your webserver that consists of only HTTP GET requests to myplugin.html. Which category best describes this activity?

A. weaponization
B. exploitation
C. installation
D. reconnaissance

Answer: B

Which goal of data normalization is true?

A. Reduce data redundancy.
B. Increase data redundancy.
C. Reduce data availability.
D. Increase data availability

Answer: A

Which description of a retrospective malware detection is true?

A. You use Wireshark to identify the malware source.
B. You use historical information from one or more sources to identify the affected host or file.
C. You use information from a network analyzer to identify the malware source.
D. You use Wireshark to identify the affected host or file.

Answer: B

Which process is being utilized when IPS events are removed to improve data integrity?

A. data normalization
B. data availability
C. data protection
D. data signature

Answer: A

Which element is included in an incident response plan?

A. organization mission
B. junior analyst approval
C. day-to-day firefighting
D. siloed approach to communications

Answer: A

In Microsoft Windows, as files are deleted the space they were allocated eventually is considered available for use by other files. This creates alternating used and unused areas of various sizes. What is this called?

A. network file storing
B. free space fragmentation
C. alternate data streaming
D. defragmentation

Answer: B

In the context of incident handling phases, which two activities fall under scoping? (Choose two.)

A. determining the number of attackers that are associated with a security incident
B. ascertaining the number and types of vulnerabilities on your network
C. identifying the extent that a security incident is impacting protected resources on the network
D. determining what and how much data may have been affected
E. identifying the attackers that are associated with a security incident

Answer: DE

Which regular expression matches “color” and “colour”?

A. col[0-9]+our
B. colo?ur
C. colou?r
D. ]a-z]{7}

Answer: C

During which phase of the forensic process are tools and techniques used to extract the relevant information from the collective data?

A. examination
B. reporting
C. collection
D. investigation

Answer: A
Examinations involve forensically processing large amounts of collected data using a combination of automated and manual methods to assess and extract data of particular interest, while preserving the integrity of the data. Forensic tools and techniques appropriate to the types of data that were collected are executed to identify and extract the relevant information from the collected data while protecting its integrity. Examination may use a combination of automated tools and manual processes.

Which option allows a file to be extracted from a TCP stream within Wireshark?

A. File > Export Objects
B. Analyze > Extract
C. Tools > Export > TCP
D. View > Extract

Answer: A

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