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A security analyst accesses corporate web pages and inputs random data in the forms. The response received includes the type of database used and SQL commands that the database accepts. Which of the following should the security analyst use to prevent this vulnerability?

A. Application fuzzing
B. Error handling
C. Input validation
D. Pointer dereference

Answer: C

Which of the following differentiates a collision attack from a rainbow table attack?

A. A rainbow table attack performs a hash lookup
B. A rainbow table attack uses the hash as a password
C. In a collision attack, the hash and the input data are equivalent
D. In a collision attack, the same input results in different hashes

Answer: A

A help desk is troubleshooting user reports that the corporate website is presenting untrusted certificate errors to employees and customers when they visit the website. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this error, provided the certificate has not expired?

A. The certificate was self signed, and the CA was not imported by employees or customers
B. The root CA has revoked the certificate of the intermediate CA
C. The valid period for the certificate has passed, and a new certificate has not been issued
D. The key escrow server has blocked the certificate from being validated

Answer: C

A security analyst is investigating a suspected security breach and discovers the following in the logs of the potentially compromised server:

Which of the following would be the BEST method for preventing this type of suspected attack in the future?

A. Implement password expirations
B. Implement restrictions on shared credentials
C. Implement account lockout settings
D. Implement time-of-day restrictions on this server

Answer: C

A security administrator wants to implement a logon script that will prevent MITM attacks on the local LAN. Which of the following commands should the security administrator implement within the script to accomplish this task?

A. arp – s 00-3a-d1-fa-b1-06
B. dig – [email protected] mypc.comptia.com
C. nmap – A – T4
D. tcpdump – lnv host or either 00:3a:d1:fa:b1:06

Answer: A

Which of the following is the BEST reason for salting a password hash before it is stored in a database?

A. To prevent duplicate values from being stored
B. To make the password retrieval process very slow
C. To protect passwords from being saved in readable format
D. To prevent users from using simple passwords for their access credentials

Answer: A

An actor downloads and runs a program against a corporate login page. The program imports a list of usernames and passwords, looking for a successful attempt. Which of the following terms BEST describes the actor in this situation?

A. Script kiddie
B. Hacktivist
C. Cryptologist
D. Security auditor

Answer: A

An organization wants to utilize a common, Internet-based third-party provider for authorization and authentication. The provider uses a technology based on OAuth 2.0 to provide required services. To which of the following technologies is the provider referring?

A. OpenID Connect

Answer: A

A penetration tester harvests potential usernames from a social networking site. The penetration tester then uses social engineering to attempt to obtain associated passwords to gain unauthorized access to shares on a network server. Which of the following methods is the penetration tester MOST likely using?

A. Escalation of privilege
B. SQL injection
C. Active reconnaissance
D. Proxy server

Answer: C

Which of the following could occur when both strong and weak ciphers are configured on a VPN concentrator? (Select TWO)

A. An attacker could potentially perform a downgrade attack.
B. The connection is vulnerable to resource exhaustion.
C. The integrity of the data could be at risk.
D. The VPN concentrator could revert to L2TP.
E. The IPSec payload reverted to 16-bit sequence numbers.

Answer: AE

Which of the following is the BEST choice for a security control that represents a preventive and corrective logical control at the same time?

A. Security awareness training
B. Antivirus
C. Firewalls
D. Intrusion detection system

Answer: B


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