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New Question
Which five steps are included in a typical workflow request? (Choose five.)

A. initiation
B. resource allocation
C. approval
D. provision
E. set up cycle schedule
F. notify
G. request status
H. orchestration
I. ordering

Answer: ABDEF

New Question
Where do you create a Custom Approval Task in Cisco UCS Director?

A. Policies > Orchestration > Customer Approval Tasks
B. Policies > VDC > Customer Approval Tasks
C. System > Orchestration > Customer Approval Tasks
D. System > VDC > Customer Approval Tasks

Answer: A

New Question
Which four predefined tasks are included in Orchestrator? (Choose four.)

A. SSH Command
B. Collect Inventory
C. Telnet Command
D. Execute Cloupia Script
E. Notify URL
F. Email Administration
G. Putty Command
H. Order Requisition

Answer: ABDE

New Question
A cloud administrator is tasked with cloning a catalog. Which two properties will be copied into the new catalog? (Choose two.)

A. IP address
B. name
D. description
E. attributes

Answer: AC

New Question
Which two Cisco UCS Director roles include Service-End-User creation? (Choose two.)

A. MSP admin
B. group admin
C. IS admin
D. system admin
E. all policy admin

Answer: BD

New Question
Which two features are available in the Cisco UCS Director chargeback module? (Choose two.)

A. Reusable Cost Models
B. Top 10 Reports
C. Dashboard
D. Quotas and Limits
E. Universal Compatibility

Answer: AC

New Question
A Cisco UCS Director administrator has been tasked with creating a new service request. From which four catalog requests can the administrator choose? (Choose four.)

B. Standard
C. Service Container
D. Advanced
E. Normal
F. Live Applications
G. Process Container
H. Regular

Answer: ABCD

New Question
Where are provisioned applications displayed when an application template order is completed?

A. My Stuff > Application Template
B. My Stuff > Open Orders/Complete Orders > Comment and History page
C. Service Catalog > Manage My Stuff > Completed Orders
D. Service Catalog > Manage My Stuff > Open Orders

Answer: A

New Question
Which three properties are available in a Cisco UCS Director computing policy when selecting a filter? (Choose three.)

A. Fiber Channel storage LUNs
B. number of CPU cores in the host node
C. Hypervisor version
D. total memory in the host node
E. number of available vNICs
F. local storage

Answer: BCD

New Question
Which type of Cisco UCS Director policy is a template for virtual machine names, power-on state, time zone, and DNS?

A. network policy
B. computing policy
C. compute policy
D. storage policy
E. system policy

Answer: E

New Question
What is the valid range of VXLAN range when defining a VXLAN pool policy in Cisco UCS Director?

A. 4096 to 16000000
B. 5000 to 16000000
C. 4095 to 10000000
D. 4096 to 10000000

Answer: A


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