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Your company experienced a number of network incidents that had a significant impact on business operations. Because a root cause cannot be identified, your CTO asks you to help the network management team implement the FCAPS framework. On which two areas would you provide guidance to the network management team? (Choose two.)

A. change management
B. accounting management
C. service level management
D. fault management

Answer: BD

What are two benefits of using BFD for failure detection in the design of a network? (Choose two.)

A. BFD can provide failure detection in less than one second.
B. BFD can be used as a generic and consistent failure detection mechanism for EIGRP, IS-IS,
and OSPF
C. BFD eliminates router protocol hello notification.
D. BFD can be used for all types of network interfaces.
E. BFD is independent of the network protocol.

Answer: AB

You are designing a solution to eliminate the risk of high CPU utilization on a core network composed of CRS-1 devices. Which option would eliminate the risk of high CPU utilization across the network?

A. Use Local Packet Transport Services (LPTS) to manage hardware SNMP flow rate.
B. Use the in-band control plane policy feature to reduce the SNMP flow rate.
C. Use the control plane policy feature and reduce SNMP flow rate.
D. Use control-plane management-plane in-band and reduce the SNMP flow rate.
E. Use the control-plane management-plane out-of-band feature to reduce the SNMP flow rate.

Answer: A

In a network design using carrier Ethernet, which three mechanisms can be used to improve Layer 2 down detection and thereby reduce routing convergence time? (Choose three.)

B. Ethernet port debounce timers
C. link-state tracking
D. object tracking
E. fast IGP hello

Answer: ADE

The network administrator of a branch office network has decided to deploy Unicast RPF at the access layer. He insists that the design must guarantee that all the packets arriving on the router interfaces are assigned to the same interface subnet.
Which mode of Unicast RPF would you recommend as the lead network designer?

A. uRPF strict mode
B. uRPF loose mode
C. uRPF VRF mode
D. RPF feasible mode

Answer: A

A senior network designer suggests that you should improve network convergence times by reducing BGP timers between your CE router and the PE router of the service provider. Which three factors should you to consider when you adjust the timer values? (Choose three.)

A. access bandwidth
B. service provider agreement to support tuned timers
C. number of routes on the CE router
D. number of VRFs on the PE router
E. service provider scheduling of changes to the PE

Answer: ABC

Your design client has requested that you ensure that the client devices are not dynamically configured with incorrect DNS information. When finalizing the network design, which security option must be configured on the switches?

A. IGMP snooping
B. DHCP snooping
C. root guard
D. DNS snooping

Answer: B

What are two functions of an NSSA in an OSPF network design? (Choose two.)

A. It overcomes issues with suboptimal routing when there are multiple exit points from the area.
B. It allows ASBRs to inject external routing information into the area.
C. An ASBR advertises Type 7 LSAs into the area.
D. An ABR advertises Type 7 LSAs into the area.
E. It uses opaque LSAs.

Answer: BC

As part of the security protocol for your network design, you have designated that option 82 is enabled for DHCP snooping.
When option 82 is enabled, which information will be added to the DHCP request?

A. switch MAC address and VLAN, module, and port
B. remote ID and circuit ID
C. switch IP address and VLAN, module, and port
D. switch MAC address and switch IP address

Answer: B

An IBGP mesh design is being scoped, and in the discussions, one of the design engineers proposes the use of route reflectors. Which limitation is valid when using route reflectors in this

A. The configuration complexity on the routers will be increased.
B. Route reflectors will limit the total number of routes in the topology.
C. Multipath information is difficult to propagate in a route reflector topology.
D. Route reflectors will cause an opportunity to create routing loops.

Answer: C

Your firm has been awarded a contract to design a Criminal Justice Information Services Version 5.0-compliant network utilizing advanced authentication policies. Which two methods could be utilized? (Choose two.)

A. biometric
D. password

Answer: AB


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