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What is a trunk link used for?

A. To pass multiple virtual LANs
B. To connect more than two switches
C. To enable Spanning Tree Protocol
D. To encapsulate Layer 2 frames

Answer: A

At which OSI layer does a router typically operate?

A. Transport
B. Network
C. Data link
D. Application

Answer: B

Cisco pxGrid has a unified framework with an open API designed in a hub-and-spoke architecture. pxGrid is used to enable the sharing of contextual-based information from which devices?

A. From a Cisco ASA to the Cisco OpenDNS service
B. From a Cisco ASA to the Cisco WSA
C. From a Cisco ASA to the Cisco FMC
D. From a Cisco ISE session directory to other policy network systems, such as Cisco IOS devices and the Cisco ASA

Answer: D

What are the advantages of a full-duplex transmission mode compared to half-duplex mode? (Select all that apply.)

A. Each station can transmit and receive at the same time.
B. It avoids collisions.
C. It makes use of backoff time.
D. It uses a collision avoidance algorithm to transmit.

Answer: AB

Stateful and traditional firewalls can analyze packets and judge them against a set of predetermined rules called access control lists (ACLs).
They inspect which of the following elements within a packet? (Choose Two)

A. Session headers
B. NetFlow flow information
C. Source and destination ports and source and destination IP addresses
D. Protocol information

Answer: CD

In which case should an employee return his laptop to the organization?

A. When moving to a different role
B. Upon termination of the employment
C. As described in the asset return policy
D. When the laptop is end of lease

Answer: C

Which of the following are metrics that can measure the effectiveness of a runbook?

A. Mean time to repair (MTTR)
B. Mean time between failures (MTBF)
C. Mean time to discover a security incident
D. All of the above

Answer: D

Which of the following access control models use security labels to make access decisions?

A. Mandatory access control (MAC)
B. Role-based access control (RBAC)
C. Identity-based access control (IBAC)
D. Discretionary access control (DAC)

Answer: A
MAC uses security labels for access decisions.

Where are configuration records stored?

A. In a CMDB
B. In a MySQL DB
C. In a XLS file
D. There is no need to store them

Answer: A

Which of the following is true about heuristic-based algorithms?

A. Heuristic-based algorithms may require fine tuning to adapt to network traffic and minimize
the possibility of false positives.
B. Heuristic-based algorithms do not require fine tuning.
C. Heuristic-based algorithms support advanced malware protection.
D. Heuristic-based algorithms provide capabilities for the automation of IPS signature creation and tuning.

Answer: A

How many broadcast domains are created if three hosts are connected to a Layer 2 switch in full-duplex mode?

A. 4
B. 3
C. None
D. 1

Answer: D


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