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Which behavior defines streaming telemetry as a push model in Cisco devices?

A. Monitoring clients are pulling data from the network to see real-time statistics
B. JSON encoded telemetry data is transported using the gRPC protocol
C. The network devices send data in JSON or GPB format to configured endpoints
D. Events and network changes generate telemetry data

Answer: D

What is a characteristic of EPLD updates on Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches?

A. EPLD updates are installed only via the Cisco DCNM GUI
B. EPLD packages update hardware functionality on a device
C. EPLD bundles are released separately from a Cisco MDS NX-OS release
D. EPLD updates are nondisruptive to traffic flow

Answer: B

An engineer must configure OSPF routing on Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches. The IP subnet of the Eth 1/2 interface for both switches must be advertised via OSPF.
However, these interfaces must not establish OSPF adjacency or send routing updates. The current OSPF adjacency over the interface Eth1/1 on SW1 and Eth1/1 on SW2 must remain unaffected.
Which configuration must be applied to both Nexus switches to meet these requirements?

A. interface ethernet 1/2
passive-interface default
B. Interface ethernet 1/2
ip ospf network point-to-point
C. interface ethernet 1/2
ip ospf passive-interface
D. interface ethernet 1/2
no ip ospf passive-Interface

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. VLAN 10 Is experiencing delays and packet drops when the traffic is forwarded through the switch.
The destination flow analyzer accepts traffic captures of not more than 30 seconds.
Which configuration implements the traffic capture that meets the requirements?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Answer: D

A customer needs a tool to take advantage of the CI/CD model to streamline its operation and optimize cost. The customer wants to integrate the solution with the cisco products it currently it currently uses, Including Cisco ACI networking and Cisco UCS servers. The solution should also provide on-premises Kubernetes and AppDynamics performance monitoring.
Because of the security requirements, the solution not install a local client on products under management.
Which orchestration solution meets these requirements?

A. Cisco APIC
B. CISCO UCS director
C. Cisco DCNM
D. Cisco CloudCenter

Answer: D

An engineer is configuring a vHBA template in UCS manager. The engineer needs to specify the logical address used by the vHBA and the path through which the SAN traffic flows.
Which two resources must be specified in the vHBA template? (Choose two.)

A. MAC addresses
C. WWPN Pool
E. Fabric ID

Answer: AD

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer must distribute all the host ports to use all eight configured FEX uplinks. The solution must minimize disruption if an uplink fails.
Which action accomplishes this objective?

A. Configure the eight uplinks in a port channel.
B. Change the supported FEX type.
C. Set the pinning max-links value to 8.
D. Statically assign each host interface to a fabric uplink.

Answer: A

An engineer configured an environment that contains the vPCand non-vPC switches, however, it was noticed that the downstream non-vPC switches do not receives the same STP bridge ID from the upstream which vPC feature must be implemented to ensure must be implemented to ensure that vPC and non-vPC switches receive the same STP bridge ID from the upstream vPC switch peers?

A. peer-switch
B. peer-gateway
C. systam-mac 0123.4567.89ab
D. vpc local role-priority 4000

Answer: B

A network engineer must perform a backup and restore of the Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switch configuration. The backup must be made to an external backup server. The only protocol permitted between the Cisco Nexus switch and the backup server is UDP. The backup must be used when the current working configuration of the switch gets corrupted.
Which set of steps must be taken to meet these requirements?

A. 1 Perform a startup-config backup to an FTP server
2 Copy startup-config in the boot flash to the running-config file
B. 1 Perform a running-config backup to an SFTP server
2 Copy backup-config from the SFTP server to the running-config file
C. 1 Perform a running-config backup to an SCP server
2 Copy running-config in the boot flash to the running-config file
D. 1 Perform a startup-config backup to a TFTP server
2 Copy backup-config from the backup server to the running-config file

Answer: D
TFTP is the only protocol that uses UDP. FTP, SFTP, and SCP use TCP.

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