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New Question
Which technology relies on STP as a failsafe mechanism?

A. vPC
C. FabricPath

Answer: A

New Question
You are configuring OTV between two data centers.
On which interfaces should the site VLAN allowed?

A. the interfaces that connect to the aggregation switches
B. the OTV overlay interfaces
C. the interfaces that connect to the join interfaces
D. the mgmt0 interfaces

Answer: C

New Question
Which command should you use to apply a custom CoPP policy?

A. Nexus7000(config-cp)# service-policy input copp policy-moderate-policy
B. Nexus700Q(config)# class-map type control-plane match-any copp-system-p-policy
C. Nexus7000(config)# policy-map type control-plane copp-system-p-policy
D. Nexus7000(config)# copp profile strict

Answer: A

New Question
You plan to configure a SAN zone set.
Which two facts should you consider before you configure the SAN zone set? (Choose two)

A. VSANs can be activated by using enhanced zoning.
B. A SAN zone set consists of one or more SAN zones.
C. A SAN zone set must be activated manually on all of the fabric nodes.
D. Only the SAN zone set can be activated simultaneously.
E. One SAN zone can be the member of only one zone set.

Answer: BD

New Question
Assuming hello PDU authentication has been disabled, which command re-enables the feature on a FabricPath interface?

A. switch (config-if) # fabricpath isis authentication-type cleartext
B. switch (config-if) # fabricpath isis authentication-type md5
C. switch (config-if) # fabricpath isis authentication check
D. switch (config-if) # fabricpath isis hello-interval

Answer: B

New Question
You have two roles that are associated to the same user. Which statement is true about how the roles are evaluated to form the permissions of the user?

A. A combination of all commands that are permitted by the roles can be executed
B. A role that denies a command takes priority over a role that permits a command
C. An implicit permit is applied to both roles at the end of each rule set
D. Only the commands that are permitted by both roles can be executed

Answer: A

New Question
Refer to the exhibit. Whic two statements about the LISP implementation are true? (Choose two)

A. A LISP locator reachability algorithm is used
B. is used as the map-request source
C. The address of the locator is used as the map-request source
D. LISP ETR caches the IPv4 mapping data contained in a map-request message
E. LISP ITR caches the IPv4 mapping data contained in a map-request message

Answer: BD


New Question
Which two events automatically generate Cisco NX OS checkpoints’? (Choose two)

A. The license of a feature expires
B. The NX-OS software is upgraded.
C. The switch reboots.
D. An enabled feature is disabled by using the no feature command
E. A system crash occurs.

Answer: AD

New Question
Which option accurately describes an EPLD upgrade on supervisor modules?

A. is disruptive in dual supervisor configurations
B. is disruptive in single supervisor configurations
C. requires an NX-OS image upgrade
D. can be performed during an ISSU

Answer: B
On a system that has two supervisor modules, upgrade the EPLDs for the standby supervisor and then switch the active supervisor to the standby mode to upgrade its EPLDs (the supervisor switchover is not disruptive to traffic on Cisco Nexus 7000 Series switches). On a switch that has only one supervisor module, you can upgrade the active supervisor, but this will disrupt its operations during the upgrade.

New Question
You have a Switch that is operating NPV mode. The interfaces of the switch use which port type to connect to the core network?

A. TE Port
B. NP Port
C. E Port
D. F Port

Answer: B

New Question
Refer to the exhibit. Which action do you take to prevent DAI from inspecting packets on Ethernet 2/0?

A. Configure a DHCP snooping entry.
B. Create a VLAN ACL
C. Create a MAC ACL
D. Configure Ethernet 2/0 as a trusted interface.

Answer: A
Dynamic ARP inspection determines the validity of an ARP packet based on valid IP-to-MAC address bindings stored in a trusted database, the DHCP snooping binding database. This database is built by DHCP snooping if DHCP snooping is enabled on the VLANs and on the switch. If the ARP packet is received on a trusted interface, the switch forwards the packet without any checks. On untrusted interfaces, the switch forwards the packet only if it is valid.


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