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Which two items are displayed on the endpoint registration verification page in Cisco VCS? (Choose Two)

A. Endpoint MAC Address
B. Device Pool
C. Endpoint Registration Status
D. Device Description
E. Device Type
F. Endpoint name

Answer: EF

After you deploy Cisco Unified Communications manager device mobility in your environment, you note that phones in a remote site are failing to register.
Which two actions correct the problem? (Choose Two)

A. Verify that remote site is assigned to the device mobility group that matches its dialing pattern
B. Verify that phones are attempting to register with correct mega cluster in the device pool of the central office
C. Verify that Extension mobility is configured correctly for the remote site
D. Verify that the LDAP server is configured to support Device Mobility at the Remote Site
E. Verify that the subnet of the remote site is configured in Device Mobility info.

Answer: AE

A user is trying to call a mobile phone using the number 547895341, where 5 is the pre-fix to call off-net numbers. Calls to mobile phones have worked in Past, but now the call does not work. Which three areas should you check to resolve the issue? (Choose Three)

A. Verify that Cisco Unified Border Element is running.
B. Verify the search pattern.
C. Verify the route pattern, route list and route group.
D. Check that Cisco VCS control and Cisco VCS Express are getting through firewall.
E. Verify that the PSTN line is connected to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
F. Verify that connection to and from the Cisco Unified Border Element is good.

Answer: ACF

After you deploy Cisco unified communications manager device mobility across a VPN connection with Cisco Unified IP phones, users in remote locations report one-way audio issues. Which two actions can you take to locate the problem? (Choose Two)

A. Verify that DMI is configured with the correct IP subnets
B. Verify that the Cisco IOS devices on the VPN support audio connections.
C. Verify that the VLANs at remote locations are configured correctly.
D. Verify that users at the remote locations are connecting to the closest enterprise VPN concentrator.
E. Verify that the firewall is allowing RTP traffic flow.

Answer: AE

When a user attempted to call a colleague at the same site, the caller received a recording that the call could not be completed as dialed. Which two actions can you take to troubleshoot the problem? (Choose Two)

A. Reboot the IP Phone that the user attempted to call
B. Verify that Partitions and calling search space are correct
C. Reboot the Users IP Phone
D. Reboot the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Cluster
E. Ping the remote gateway to verify connectivity
F. Use RTMT to trace the call from DN to DN

Answer: BF

An Extension mobility user successfully logs in to an Extension Mobility (Hoteling) phone, but now the user cannot log into an additional Extension Mobility (Hoteling Phone).
Why is the user unable to log in to the next phone?

A. The user is set for autologout for extension mobility.
B. The user is set to a maximum of one login.
C. The user does not have login privileges for the new phone.
D. The user does not have the permission to use extension mobility.
E. The first phone doesn’t have a logout button, due to an incorrect phone button template.
F. The user is not set to allow multiple logins.

Answer: F

You discover that a CCD client is failing to learn patterns with RTMT.
Which two actions can you take to troubleshoot the problem? (Choose Two)

A. Verify that the SIP trunk between Cisco unified communications manager and the Cisco unified presence server is configured correctly.
B. Verify that the trunk is selected for the CCD advertising service.
C. Verify that the trunk is selected for the CCD requesting service.
D. Verify that EIGRP topology information is available to SAF forwarders.
E. Verify the SAF configuration.

Answer: CE

Partitions can be assigned to which two items? (Choose two)

A. Directory numbers
B. Trunks
C. Devices
D. Gateways
E. IP Phones

Answer: AE

Cisco unified communications manager is configured to collect H.245 and H.225 traces through the Cisco unified serviceability web interface.
What do you use to download and view trace files?

A. Cisco Unified OS Administration
B. Cisco Unified Serviceability
C. Bulk Administration > Upload/Download Files
D. Cisco Unified Real Time Monitoring Tool

Answer: D

Cisco Telepresence System EX90 1 is trying to call Ex90 2. Both endpoints are registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager. The Call connects but the quality is not good.
The video image is breaking up on EX 90 2. The media path from A to B supports only 2MB.
Which three reasons are possible causes? (Choose Three)

A. The Camera on System B has a loose cable.
B. The line is congested and QoS is not configured correctly between the sites.
C. Bandwidth limitations between the regions is set too low for video.
D. Bandwidth limitations between the IP zones is set too low for video.
E. The auto negotiation protocol H.286 is turned off on one of the EX90s.
F. The system is set to use a higher bandwidth than the media path allows.

Answer: BCF

The link from your local Cisco Unity Connection site to another site has gone down.
While troubleshooting, you discover that the local gateway is unable to reach a DNS server.
Which action can you take to re-establish the link?

A. Restart the connection manager services on the local gateway
B. Create an intersite link manually using the IP address of the remote gateway.
C. Synchronize the two cisco unity connection sites.
D. Create an intersite link manually using the FQDN of the remote gateway.
E. Configure the directory synchronization task schedule on the remote gateway.

Answer: B

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