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Which three Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Application Administration tasks may be performed by a supervisor who does not have administrative privilege? (Choose three.)

A. Delete a resource group.
B. Remove a skill from a CSQ.
C. Enable automatic work on a CSQ.
D. Modify the skill competence level of an agent.
E. Create a resource.
F. Delete a skill.

Answer: BCD

Which three statements describe the importing of contacts into a Cisco Unified Contact Center Express campaign? (Choose three.)

A. Phone1 is the only mandatory field.
B. Up to three custom fields can be added.
C. List filtering for “Do Not Call” is unsupported.
D. When records have matching phone numbers, only one record is created.
E. Imports can be automatically executed on a weekly basis.

Answer: ACD

In Cisco Unified CCX Administration, what is created on the Communications Manager when you add a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Telephony group?

A. CTI Ports
B. CTI Route Point
C. Cisco Unified CCX Call Control Group
D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Call Control Group

Answer: A

Select a statement about the Call Subflow step that is not true.

A. A subflow can access all variables in the calling script.
B. When the Call Subflow step executes, you can transfer values of variables from the calling flow to the subflow.
C. After the Call Subflow step executes, you can transfer values of variables from the subflow to the calling flow.
D. The same subflow can be invoked from different scripts.

Answer: A

Which three of the following tasks can be performed using Cisco Unified Real-Time Monitoring Tool? (Choose three.)

A. collect trace files
B. stop and start Cisco Unified CCX services
C. view syslog messages
D. perform backup and restore functions
E. monitor the health of the Cisco Unified CCX system

Answer: ACE

Which tool is used to size Cisco Unified CCX?

A. Analysis Manager
B. Cisco Unified Communications Sizing Tool
C. Expert Advisor
D. Cisco Unified Real-Time Monitoring Tool

Answer: B

Which two releases require physical media to be ordered and received prior to patching or upgrading Cisco Unified Contact Center Express? (Choose two.)

A. minor release
B. major release
C. service update
D. engineering special

Answer: AB

Which statement is true about the default script field when adding an application?

A. When a caller does not enter a choice in a Menu step, it will execute the default script.
B. Any problems running the configured script will cause the default script to be executed.
C. When the caller enters a digit in the Menu step that is not defined, the default script will be executed.
D. When the caller enters a digit that is not checked in the filter of the Get Digit String step, the default script will be executed.

Answer: B

Which step can be used to trap runtime script errors and recover gracefully?

A. Set
B. Call Subflow
C. On Exception Goto
D. Get Reporting Statistic

Answer: C

Which two Cisco Unified CCX steps would make an HTTP request? (Choose two.)

A. Create URL Document
B. Write Document
C. Cache Document
D. Send Http Response

Answer: CD

In a Cisco Unified CCX application script, a number is read from an external database.
The number must then be played out as part of a prompt.
Which Cisco Unified CCX Editor step creates a new prompt that can play out the number?

A. Create Container Prompt
B. Create Generated Prompt
C. Create Language Prompt
D. Create Conditional Prompt

Answer: B


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