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Which three options ate attack vectors protected by DNS-Layer security? (Choose three.)

A. Voicemail
B. Backups
C. Web
D. E-mail
E. Cloud apps
F. Video Surveil lance

Answer: CDE

Which feature of Cisco AnyConnect allows pie-login authentication using windows machines, or single sign-on user authentication using Windows logon credentials?

A. Secure Layer-2 Network Access
B. Flexible AAA Options
C. Differentiated Mobile Access
D. Trusted Network Detection

Answer: A

How does the Cisco AnyConnect AMP Module help to protect customer’s networks?

A. AMP is a unified agent that combines posture check and authentication across wired wireless, and VPN networks.
B. AMP Module can profile devices before allowing them to connect
C. AMP provides highly secure access for select enterprise mobile applications
D. AnyConnect can deploy AMP for Endpoints for Windows or OSX

Answer: D

Which three features provided by NGFW and NGIPS support the Internet Edge’ use case? (Choose three.)

A. Supports High Availability
B. Support (or profiling devices
C. Supports dynamic routing protocols such as OSPF or BGP
D. Support for Platform exchange grid
E. Support for High Bandwith environments
F. Support for integrated posture assessment

Answer: ACE

Which option helps customers gain insight into security threats?

A. Limit volume of users to applications
B. Share sensitive data across Afferent platforms
C. Providing remote access VPN to allow mobile users to connect securely to customers network
D. Providing visibility into everything to allow granular security policies to be created and enforced

Answer: D

What are three major features of Cisco Defense Orchestrator? (Choose three.)

A. Providing retrospective security to protect against malware
B. Receive notifications about any unplanned changes to security policies and objects
C. Plan and model security changes before deploying them across the cloud
D. Identifying anomalous traffic in customer’s network
E. Ability to deploy changes across virtual environments in real time or offline
F. Tracking suspicious files through the network

Answer: BCE

What are three benefits that Cisco Umbrella brings to DNS-Layer Security? (Choose three.)

A. Helps provide breach mitigation
B. Blocks Domains/IPs associated with malware, phising, etc
C. Delivers cloud based recursive DNS
D. Provides profiling of devices
E. Logs all internet activity
F. Provides Sandboxing of malware

Answer: BCE

Which is a key feature of Cisco Defense Orchestra?

A. Profiles devices connected to customer s network
B. Orchestrates security policy management form one place
C. Consolidates configuration management
D. Protects customers network against zero-day attacks

Answer: B

Which three NGFW and NGIPS features support the ‘Complex Remote Access’ use case? (Choose three.)

A. Support for device onboarding
B. Users protected regardless of physical location
C. Fuzzy Fingerprinting
D. Detection of anomalous traffic
E. Controls and protections extended beyond VPN controls
F. Secure access extended to all users

Answer: BEF

Which Policy and Access solution technology combines posture checks and authentication across wired, wireless, and VPN networks?

A. Cisco AnyConnect
B. Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System
C. Cisco Stealthwatch
D. ASA 2100 series

Answer: A

Which three options does Cisco provides customers in terms of “Visibility and Control” against today’s threats? (Choose three)

A. Granular device visibility and management
B. Unparalleled network and endpoint visibility
C. 18-month device release cycle
D. Bandwith Utilization Monitoring
E. Comprehensive policy enforcement
F. Fast device policy updates

Answer: ABF


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