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In the Solutions Continuum, which of the following is the correct order of solutions ranging from generic solution to enterprise specific solution?

A.    Foundation, Common Systems, Industry, Organization-Specific
B.    Industry, Foundation, Common Systems, Organization-Specific
C.    Organization-Specific, Industry, Common Systems, Foundation
D.    Organization-Specific, Industry, Foundation, Common Systems

Answer: A

Which one of the following best describes the purpose of ADM Phase E?

A.    To define the initial implementation plans
B.    To define the scope, identifying stakeholders and obtaining approvals
C.    To develop the Technology Architecture
D.    To manage requirements throughout the ADM
E.    To perform architectural oversight for the implementation

Answer: A

Which one of the following categories from the Document Categorization model consists of the normative parts of TOGAF which are considered central to its usage?

A.    TOGAF Core
B.    TOGAF Mandated
C.    TOGAF Recommended
D.    TOGAF Referenced
E.    TOGAF Supporting

Answer: B

Which one of the following statements about TOGAF Building Blocks is true?

A.    Building blocks at a functional level are known as Solutions Building Blocks
B.    Solutions Building Blocks are selected in Phases A, B, C and D
C.    The specification of a building block should be loosely coupled to its implementation
D.    The gap analysis technique should be used to identify building blocks for re-use

Answer: C

What part of the Architecture Repository shows the building blocks that are currently in use within the organization?

A.    Architecture Landscape
B.    Architecture Metamodel
C.    Governance Log
D.    Reference Library
E.    Standards Information Base

Answer: A

Which one of the following is responsible for the acceptance and sign-off of an Architecture Compliance review?

A.    Architecture Board
B.    Architecture Review Co-ordinator
C.    CIO
D.    Lead Enterprise Architect
E.    Project Leader

Answer: A

According to TOGAF, in which phase of the ADM should an initial assessment of business transformation readiness occur?

A.    Preliminary Phase
B.    Phase A
C.    Phase B
D.    Phase F
E.    Phase G

Answer: B

Complete the sentence. A gap analysis will enable the architect to do all of the following except _____.

A.    identify building blocks that have been inadvertently omitted
B.    identify building blocks that have been intentionally eliminated
C.    identify building blocks to be carried over
D.    identify new building blocks that are needed
E.    identify potential vendors to provide new building blocks

Answer: E

Which of the following best describes an approach for adapting the ADM in the situation where the business case for doing architecture is not well recognized?

A.    Completion of the Business Architecture should follow the Information Systems Architecture
B.    Create an Architecture Vision and then a detailed Business Architecture
C.    Produce a “cut-down” version of the ADM suitable to the resources available
D.    Tailor the ADM in conjunction with another architecture framework that has deliverables specific to the vertical sector
E.    Tailor the ADM to reflect the relationships with, and dependencies on other management processes within the organization

Answer: B

What technique does TOGAF recommend for evaluating the status of an organization to undergo change?

A.    Business Transformation Readiness Assessment
B.    Business Value Assessment Technique
C.    Capability-Based Planning
D.    Communications and Stakeholder Management
E.    Gap Analysis

Answer: A


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