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After receiving an alert about a rogue AP, a network engineer logs into Cisco Prime Infrastructure and looks at the floor map where the AP that detected the rogue is located. The map is synchronized with a mobility services engine that determines that the rogue device is actually inside the campus. The engineer determines that the rogue is a security threat and decides to stop if from broadcasting inside the enterprise wireless network. What is the fastest way to disable the rogue?

A. Go to the location where the rogue device is indicated to be and disable the power.
B. Create an SSID similar to the rogue to disable clients from connecting to it.
C. Update the status of the rogue in Cisco Prime Infrastructure to contained.
D. Classify the rogue as malicious in Cisco Prime Infrastructure.

Answer: C

Which customizable security report on Cisco Prime Infrastructure will show rogue APs detected since a point in time?

A. Network Summary
B. Rogue APs Events
C. New Rogue APs
D. Rogue APs Count Summary

Answer: A

An enterprise has recently deployed a voice and video solution available to all employees using AireOS controllers. The employees must use this service over their laptops, but users report poor service when connected to the wireless network. The programs that consume bandwidth must be identified and restricted. Which configuration on the WLAN aids in recognizing the traffic?

A. NetFlow Monitor
B. AVC Profile
C. QoS Profile
D. Application Visibility

Answer: B

A multitenant building contains known wireless networks in most of the suites. Rogues must be classified in the WLC. How are the competing wireless APs classified?

A. adhoc
B. friendly
C. malicious
D. unclassified

Answer: A

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