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You are installing the Symantec Security Information Manager Agent on a Windows platform.

A.    c:\Symantec\log
B.    c:\Program Files\Symantec\log
C.    c:\Program Files\Symantec\sesa\agent\log
D.    c:\Symantec\agent\log

Answer: C

When installing the Symantec Security Information Manager Agent and Collector on a Windows platform, which command shows that the agent is installed and running?

A.    sesa_status
B.    java -jar agentcmd.jar -status
C.    java -jar agentstatus.jar -a

Answer: B

You are in the process of installing and configuring a new Symantec Security Information Manager
perform to allow the CheckPoint collector to receive log information from the CheckPoint firewall?

A.    create the OPSEC application
B.    configure CheckPoint ACL to communicate with the SSIM appliance
C.    configure the CheckPoint LEA server
D.    configure CheckPoint to forward syslog events to the SSIM appliance “Pass Any Exam. Any Time.” – 47
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Answer: AC

You manage the Symantec Security Information Manager(SSIM) solution for your company. You need to configure the Cisco PIX collector to process events from a Cisco PIX firewall.
What must you do on the PIX firewall to accomplish this?

A.    configure it to send syslog messages to the SSIM appliance
B.    open port 514 on the firewall for access from the SSIM appliance
C.    configure SSL communication from the firewall to the SSIM appliance
D.    enable the Log Export API

Answer: A

You manage the Symantec Security Information Manager (SSIM) solution for your company. Your company has recently installed a Juniper NetScreen firewall.
Which two actions must be taken on the firewall to allow the SSIM appliance to process firewall events?

A.    enable the Event Sensor
B.    turn on the Include Traffic Log option
C.    enable syslog messaging
D.    define at least one event filtering rule

Answer: BC
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Symantec ST0-085 Exam

Which three statements about Symantec Security Information Manager domains are true?

A.    Domains allow logical grouping of appliances.
B.    Each domain must have its own model 9650 appliance.
C.    A domain can include many model 9630 appliances.
D.    A single master directory ties all domains together.

Answer: ABC

Domains are organized into hierarchically organized groups of computers called _____.

A.    Global Groups
B.    Organizational Roles
C.    Domain Local Groups
D.    Organizational Units

Answer: D

You are designing a new Symantec Security Information Manager (SSIM) solution for your company.
When designing the structure of your SSIM domain, computers are separated into logical groups called _____.

A.    Domain Roles
B.    Organizational Units
C.    Operational Groups
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D.    Domain Groups

Answer: B

Which two default administrative user accounts are created during the installation of Symantec Security Information Manager?

A.    Root Administrator
B.    Domain Administrator
C.    SES Administrator
D.    System Administrator
E.    Local Administrator

Answer: BC

Which two statements about Role Based Access Control are true?

A.    A user can be a member of many roles.
B.    Role membership defines what actions a user can perform.
C.    When a user is created, it is placed in the “Default” role.
D.    The Domain Administrator role has full authority over all domains in the system.

Answer: AB

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