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When are the effective privileges of the SES Administrator role and Domain Administrator role equivalent?

A.    when there is only one domain in the system
B.    when the administrator is assigned the SES Administrator role “Pass Any Exam. Any Time.” – 50
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C.    when the system is newly installed and a domain has not yet been created
D.    when the Domain Administrator role is given permission to create users and roles

Answer: A

Which two roles are able to modify permissions within the Symantec Security Information Manager solution?

A.    SES Administrator
B.    Root Administrator
C.    System Administrator
D.    Domain Administrator

Answer: AD

By default, event archives are stored for up to _____ days.

A.    10
B.    30
C.    60
D.    90

Answer: A

Which statement about the capabilities of the Event Archive Viewer is true?

A.    Event details can be exported to tabular CSV format.
B.    Based on a histogram, you can select a time period for viewing.
C.    You can execute a ping on any device shown in the Event Viewer.
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D.    You can narrow the viewable time period to 5 minutes.

Answer: B

When configuring the Event Archive settings of an Information Manager appliance, which three options can be configured?

A.    Auxiliary Storage Device
B.    Max Archive Quota
C.    Free Space Quota
D.    Purge Start Time
E.    Purge After

Answer: BCE

Which two are commonly used to view archived events?

A.    Information Manager Event Viewer
B.    Archive Management Console tab
C.    Query Wizard
D.    Incident Management Console tab

Answer: AC

Which three user actions can be executed by the Information Manager Event Viewer?

A.    Finger
B.    ping
C.    trace route
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D.    nslookup
E.    whois

Answer: ABC

Which two search templates are pre-defined by Information Manager?

A.    Host Activity
B.    Internal Activity
C.    IDS Activity
D.    Firewall Activity
E.    Port Activity

Answer: AE

When querying archived event data, how can you make a query available to other users of the system?

A.    save it in Published Queries
B.    save it in Public Templates
C.    grant Read Query permission to the domain
D.    check the Shared option on the saved query

Answer: A

Which Symantec Security Information Manager feature provides a centralized list of the hosts and devices in a network that are subject to security event correlation?

A.    Assets Table
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B.    Correlation Database
C.    Host Table
D.    Security Object Database

Answer: A

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