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What are two ways in which new entries can be added to the Assets Table of a Symantec Security Information Manager solution?

A.    through the Lookup Tables pane of the Information Manager Console
B.    importing from HP OpenView through the OpenView Integration feature
C.    importing from a .CSV file exported from Active Directory
D.    automatic population through a supported vulnerability scanner

Answer: CD

Which statement is true about rules in a Symantec Security Information Manager solution?

A.    Rules can be created that escalate events to incidents, based on policies defined on each asset.
B.    The Rules Editor can create policies on each asset to determine what rules are executed when an event occurs.
C.    Rules can be configured on each asset that will launch a vulnerability scan when a specific type of event occurs.
D.    The Rules tab can be used on the console to automatically identify available ports on an asset.

Answer: A

Which three ratings does the Information Manager Assets Table use to quantify the importance of the device and help determine how to escalate security incidents related to that device?
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A.    Confidentiality
B.    Criticality
C.    Availability
D.    Priority
E.    Integrity

Answer: ACE

Which pre-defined Symantec Security Information Manager Assets Table policy follows the standards set by United States law, which requires accountability of financial reporting for public companies?

B.    GLBA
C.    SOX
D.    ISO
E.    NERC

Answer: C

How is vulnerability information added to asset properties in the Assets Table?

A.    automatically populated from a vulnerability scan
B.    by running the Vulnerability Check user action on an asset
C.    manually set through the console Vulnerabilities tab
D.    by importing a .CSV file generated by a vulnerability scanner

Answer: A

Using built-in functionality, what are three ways the Assets Table can reduce the reporting of false
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positive security incidents?

A.    assigns proper CIA values to each asset in the table
B.    schedules daily updates of vulnerability information from Symantec’s LiveUpdate service
C.    populates the Policies tab with policies that apply to each asset
D.    uses a supported vulnerability scanner to help prioritize incidents
E.    configures normalization of event data captured by the collectors

Answer: ACD

How can you determine which ports are potentially vulnerable on a given host in the Assets Table?

A.    by running the NetScan user action on the asset
B.    by looking at the Services tab on the asset
C.    by viewing the Details tab for the asset
D.    by running the Host Information report on the asset

Answer: B

What information is reported by the Nessus scanner when it scans a range of network addresses?

A.    all devices found on the networks scanned
B.    ulnerabilities of discovered network devices
C.    patch levels installed on discovered devices
D.    the SANS risk level of each discovered device

Answer: AB

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Security data is continuously gathered from thousands of security sensors worldwide through the integrated _____.

A.    Symantec Security Information Manager
B.    DeepSight Global Intelligence Network
C.    Symantec Enterprise Security Manager
D.    Symantec Sygate Solution

Answer: B

The integrated Global Security Intelligence updates from Symantec and third-party products include _____ that are mapped to vulnerability, exposure, malicious code, and safeguard mitigation strategies.

A.    normalized event signatures
B.    correlated incident activities
C.    relationships between events
D.    correlated event activities

Answer: A

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