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When should a Symantec Security Information Manager database be restored?
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Symantec ST0-085 Exam

A.    when false-positive data is confirmed to exist in the database
B.    when there is a hardware failure
C.    when the database has been compromised
D.    when the data has reached its lifetime expectancy

Answer: B

Which statement is true about re-installing the Symantec Security Information Manager appliance?

A.    Re-installing the software deletes all data that are stored on the appliance.
B.    During installation, the Repair Software option must be selected to retain data on the appliance.
C.    The database is off-storage, so re-installing software has no effect.
D.    Prior to installation, all database information must be saved to the DeepSight Global Data Repository.

Answer: A

Which RAID level is supported in a DAS configuration?

A.    RAID 1
B.    RAID 7
C.    RAID 5
D.    RAID 10

Answer: C

Once data is archived and removed from Symantec Security Information Manager, what allows you to access that data?
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Symantec ST0-085 Exam

A.    Event Archive Viewer
B.    Incident Archive Viewer
C.    Correlated Event Viewer
D.    Archive Log Viewer

Answer: A

Which Symantec Security Information Manager Console allows you to set up and configure DAS devices?

A.    Information Manager DAS Storage Configuration Interface
B.    Information Manager Web Configuration Interface
C.    Simuser CLI menu
D.    Configuration must only be performed from the DAS device.

Answer: B

How does Symantec Security Information Manager allow the user to modify the tables in the event data archive?

A.    add, delete, and modify pre-existing columns
B.    add, delete, and rename predetermined columns
C.    add, delete, and reorganize predetermined rows
D.    add, delete, and reorganize predetermined columns

Answer: D

Which three are valid file archive suffixes?
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Symantec ST0-085 Exam

A.    .xml
B.    .sar
C.    .csv
D.    .ndx
E.    .vdx

Answer: BDE

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Which tab on the Information Manager Console allows you to view threat and vulnerability information?

A.    Rules
B.    Dashboard
C.    Reports
D.    Intelligence

Answer: D

Which component escalates security events into incidents?

A.    rules
B.    events
C.    incidents
D.    tickets

Answer: A

What does the Correlation Engine analyze events against once all rules are properly defined?

A.    the rule criteria, create triggers, and correlate conclusions into incidents
B.    false positives, create conclusions, and correlate conclusions into incidents
C.    the rule criteria, create conclusions, and correlate conclusions into incidents
D.    the rule criteria, create conclusions, and send conclusions to the database

Answer: C

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