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Which console utility should be used to view the number of dropped packets on the network interface when troubleshooting performance problems on the Symantec Security Information Manager system?

A.    ifconfig
B.    mii-tool
C.    ps
D.    top

Answer: A

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Symantec ST0-085 Exam
Which is an off-box collector of Symantec Security Information Manager?

A.    Snort
B.    Checkpoint Firewall
C.    Cisco PIX
D.    Windows

Answer: D

Which component of a Symantec Event Collector reads event data from a specific security product?

A.    Sensor
B.    Translator
C.    Filter
D.    Data Parser

Answer: A

Which step should be taken to prepare for an installation of a Symantec Security Information Manager Agent on a new system?

A.    Verify that JRE 1.4.2 or higher is installed.
B.    Ping the appliance IP address and name.
C.    Remove old versions of the agent.
D.    Run “setup -i” to run the pre-installation check.

Answer: B

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Symantec ST0-085 Exam
When installing the Symantec Security Information Manager Agent and Collector on a Windows platform, which command shows that the agent is installed and running?

A.    sesa_status
B.    agentmgmt.bat
C.    java -jar agentstatus.jar -a

Answer: B

When managing the Symantec Security Information Manager (SSIM) solution for a company, the Cisco PIX collector needs to be configured to process events from a Cisco PIX firewall.
What must be done on the PIX firewall to accomplish this?

A.    Configure it to send syslog messages to the SSIM appliance.
B.    Open port 514 on the firewall for access from the SSIM appliance.
C.    Configure SSL communication from the firewall to the SSIM appliance.
D.    Enable the Log Export API.

Answer: A

Which component of a Symantec Event Collector processes raw events into security events using a set of event mapping rules?

A.    Data Parser
B.    Sensor
C.    Filter
D.    Translator

Answer: C

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Symantec ST0-085 Exam
Which statement about Symantec Security Information Manager domains is true?

A.    Domains are based on Active Directory domains.
B.    A domain can be a group of separate correlation systems.
C.    A domain can be a group of a single correlation system and multiple collection systems.
D.    A single master directory ties all domains together.

Answer: C

How are computers logically grouped in Symantec Security Information Manager (SSIM)?

A.    Global Groups
B.    Organizational Roles
C.    Domain Local Groups
D.    Organizational Units

Answer: D

When designing a new Symantec Security Information Manager (SSIM) solution for a company, what structure should be created in a SSIM domain to place systems under?

A.    Domain Roles
B.    Organizational Units
C.    Operational Groups
D.    Domain Groups

Answer: B
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Symantec ST0-085 Exam

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