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For which two does Symantec Security Information Manager automatically create values when you manually create a new incident? (Select two.)
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Symantec ST0-085 Exam

A.    Event Creator
B.    Incident Creator
C.    Help desk ticket
D.    Rule Name
E.    Event ID number

Answer: BD

Which condition needs to be met for a rule to be triggered on the Symantec Security Information Manager Conditions tab?

A.    Incident Type
B.    Event Criteria
C.    Asset to be vulnerable
D.    Device Effected
E.    Applicable Licenses

Answer: B

What does a conclusion that is untrackable to an existing incident become?

A.    an occurring incident
B.    an occurring event
C.    a new incident
D.    a new event

Answer: A

Where is information about the health and performance of the Symantec Security Information Manager appliance found?
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Symantec ST0-085 Exam

A.    Statistics tab
B.    System tab
C.    Service tab
D.    Maintenance tab

Answer: A

Which tab on the Symantec Security Information Manager statistics page displays the appliance’s memory and CPU utilization, the database statistics, and the status of any database jobs?

A.    Service Status
B.    Maintenance Schedule
C.    System Status
D.    Event Service

Answer: C

Which section can be found on the Status pane located on the Statistics page?

A.    Router Connectivity Status
B.    Agent Status
C.    Database Health Monitor
D.    Correlation Event Status
E.    Rule Congruency

Answer: C

Which type of database backup is performed during the Symantec Security Information Manager installation?
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Symantec ST0-085 Exam

A.    an incremental, offline backup
B.    a full, online backup
C.    a full, offline backup
D.    an incremental, online backup

Answer: C

When should a Symantec Security Information Manager database be restored?

A.    when false-positive data is confirmed to exist in the database
B.    when there is a database failure that cannot be fixed
C.    when the database has been compromised
D.    when the data has reached its lifetime expectancy

Answer: B

Which statement is true about re-installing the Symantec Security Information Manager appliance?

A.    Re-installing the software deletes all data that is stored on the appliance.
B.    During installation, the Repair Software option must be selected to retain data on the appliance.
C.    The database is off-storage, so re-installing software has no effect.
D.    Prior to installation, all database information must be saved to the DeepSight Global Data Repository.
Answer: A

Which RAID level is recommended in a DAS configuration?
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Symantec ST0-085 Exam

A.    RAID 1
B.    RAID 5
C.    RAID 7
D.    RAID 10

Answer: B

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