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An organization has five Enterprise Vault (EV) servers. The servers are part of one Directory and two EV sites. The Directory consists of two Vault Store Groups with two Vault Stores for each
group. How many EV Directory database(s), Fingerprint database(s), and Vault Store database(s) are in the environment, respectively?

A.    2, 2, 4
B.    1, 2, 4
C.    1, 1, 4
D.    2, 2, 2

Answer: B

An organization has two Enterprise Vault sites. Site 1 contains EVServer01, EVServer02, and EVServer03 Site 2 contains EVServer04 and EVServer05. Which three USL failover options are possible? (Select three.)

A.    EVServer01 failover to EVServer03
B.    EVServer02 failover to EVServer01
C.    EVServer02 failover to EVServer04
D.    EVServer03 failover to EVServer04
E.    EVServer04 failover to EVServer05

Answer: ABE

An administrator is installing Enterprise Vault (EV). Where should the installer place the EV databases and log files?

A.    in the installation directory of the SQL server
B.    on separate physical disks of the EV server
C.    on separate physical disks of the SQL server
D.    on direct attached storage of the EV server

Answer: C

A large enterprise organization requires monitoring. The company will have five Enterprise Vault (EV) sites and three EV Directories. How many monitoring databases should be planned?

A.    0
B.    1
C.    3
D.    5

Answer: C

What are the three primary physical data-storage components of Mailbox Archiving in Enterprise Vault? (Select three.)

A.    Indexes
B.    Archives
C.    Vault Store partitions
D.    Enterprise Vault databases
E.    Enterprise Vault Collector

Answer: ACD

For Support which Outlook version has been withdrawn for the Enterprise Vault 80 client?

A.    Outlook 2003
B.    Outlook Web Access
C.    Outlook Express
D.    Outlook 2002 (XP)

Answer: D

What is the minimum amount of physical memory recommended for an Enterprise Vault server?

A.    1 GB
B.    2 GB
C.    4 GB
D.    8 GB

Answer: C

Which three are prerequisites for Enterprise Vault Exchange archiving? (Select three.)

A.    .NET Framework 20
B.    Windows 2000 SP5 or later
C.    Outlook 2007 with a local profile
D.    Microsoft Message Queuing Services (MSMQ)
E.    Internet Information Services (IIS) 60 or later enabled for Active Server Pages and ASP.NET

Answer: ADE

Which three advanced user rights are automatically granted to the Vault Service account? (Select three.)

A.    Create permanent shared objects
B.    Restore files and directories
C.    Act as part of the operating system
D.    Debug programs
E.    Log on as a service

Answer: CDE

Which three are purposes of the Enterprise Vault (EV) server DNS alias? (Select three.)

A.    to minimize the impact of IP address or DNS domain reconfigurations
B.    to use the EV built-in failover mechanisms
C.    to perform reverse zone lookups
D.    to provide name resolution to the Microsoft Exchange servers
E.    to simplify reconfiguration of the EV infrastructure

Answer: ABE

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