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What is the recommended minimum number of processors for Enterprise Vault servers?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    4
D.    8

Answer: B

Where is a system mailbox required to connect Enterprise Vault (EV) to Microsoft Exchange?

A.    in each EV site
B.    on each Exchange server
C.    in each Exchange organization
D.    on each EV server

Answer: B

Which two database servers are supported by Enterprise Vault? (Select two.)

A.    Oracle Database 11G
B.    MySQL 51
C.    Microsoft SQL Server 2005
D.    Microsoft SQL Server 70
E.    Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Answer: CE

Which three pieces of documentation are important to review before upgrading to a new version of Enterprise Vault (EV)? (Select three.)

A.    the most recent EV Compatibility List
B.    EV Installing and Configuring Guide
C.    EV Introduction and Planning Guide
D.    EV Administration Guide
E.    Release Notes (ReadMeFirst_EN.htm file)

Answer: ABE

When upgrading Enterprise Vault, what does the installation program instruct the installer to run first unless it has already been done?

A.    Deployment Scanner
B.    Database Backups
C.    latest Service Packs
D.    Index Check Utility

Answer: A

When running the Configuration Wizard, which two options represent the minimum permissions required by the Vault Service account on the SQL server? (Select two.)

A.    Server Administrator
B.    Database Creator
C.    Database Owner
D.    Local Administrator
E.    Database Reader

Answer: BD

Implementation of Enterprise Vault follows a specific sequential process after prerequisites are met. The first three steps in this process include: run the Deployment Scanner, run the Software Install, and run the Configuration Wizard. What is the fourth step in the process?

A.    Run the Exchange Configuration Wizard
B.    Run the Getting Started Wizard
C.    Run the Target Configuration Wizard
D.    Run the Provisioning Wizard
E.    Run the Storage Configuration Wizard

Answer: B

Which four items are set in the Configuration Wizard? (Select four.)

A.    Storage location
B.    SQL Server
C.    Vault Directory database and transaction logs
D.    Service Account
E.    Name of Vault Site
F.    Exchange Server

Answer: BCDE

What is the correct Enterprise Vault 80 (EV) core upgrade path?

A.    An EV 80 upgrade requires EV 70 Service Pack 1 or later.
B.    An EV 80 upgrade can be performed directly from Enterprise Vault 2007
C.    An EV 80 upgrade can be performed directly from EV 60 service Pack 6 or later.
D.    An EV 80 upgrade requires Enterprise Vault 2007 Service Pack 5

Answer: B

Which three items does the Enterprise Vault Deployment Scanner check? (Select three.)

A.    the operating system
B.    SQL server permissions
C.    SQL Monitoring services
D.    IIS Security
E.    Outlook version

Answer: ABE

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