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A customer wants to use Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for its Enterprise Vault (EV) environment. Which two must be present prior to installation of EV Reporting? (Select two.)

A.    Microsoft SQL 2005 Query Analyzer
B.    Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services
C.    ASP.NET 20
D.    Microsoft SQL Reporting Services installed on all EV servers
E.    ASP.NET 11

Answer: BC

Which three are prerequisites for installing Enterprise Vault (EV) Reporting? (Select three.)

A.    grant dbreader rights in Microsoft SQL server to the default EV Exchange admin role
B.    install Microsoft Active Server Pages .NET 30 SP3 on the EV server
C.    create a Windows User Account in the Active Directory domain
D.    give the Vault Service Account a Content Manager Role on the Microsoft SQL Reporting server
E.    add the Vault Service Account to the Local Administrators group on the SQL Reporting Server

Answer: CDE

In which locations must auditing be enabled?

A.    Directory and Policy
B.    Site and Enterprise Vault Server
C.    Directory and Site
D.    Directory and Enterprise Vault Server

Answer: D

What is the purpose of the Shopping Service?

A.    to provide the pop-up descriptions differentiating features from competitive products
B.    to organize search results in order to restore them to a mailbox or PST file
C.    to provide a convenient way for customers to purchase additional licenses electronically
D.    to advertise interesting features on a weekly basis to end users

Answer: B

An administrator is using the Getting Started Wizard in Express mode for Storage Configuration.
Which type of storage can be used?

A.    CIFS
B.    NFS
C.    Network Share
D.    NTFS Volume

Answer: A

Which statement best describes Roles-based administration in Enterprise Vault (EV)?

A.    An additional EV license component is required to use Roles-based administration.
B.    The Vault Service Account is no longer needed after you implement Roles-based administration.
C.    Roles can be assigned to specific users, as well as to groups, using Roles-based administration.
D.    EV stores the Authorization Store within Active Directory.

Answer: C

During the process of Collections, .DV* files are combined into which file type?

A.    .pst
B.    .ost
C.    .cab
D.    .zip

Answer: C

In Outlook, which three Enterprise Vault Client buttons are valid? (Select three.)

A.    Forward
B.    Store in Vault
C.    Restore from Vault
D.    Reply
E.    Search Vaults

Answer: ACD

How should an Enterprise Vault (EV) administrator remove the ability to manually archive items from users’ mailboxes?

A.    edit the DesktopSettings.txt file to restrict the EV client functionality
B.    modify the Desktop Policy to restrict the EV client functionality
C.    do not install the EV client on users’ workstations
D.    install the HTTP-Only version of the EV client

Answer: B

What are two benefits of enabling Symantec Enterprise Vault 10 .0 for Exchange for Outlook Web Access/App (OWA) users? (Select two.)

A.    enables remote access via OWA with Mac clients
B.    provides remote access to multiple user archives
C.    enables remote access to archived public folder items
D.    enables Virtual Vault for OWA users
E.    enables remote access to the user archive with OWA via Safari

Answer: BC

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