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Which operation is performed by the Enterprise Vault (EV) Configuration Program?

A.    creates Vault Stores and Vault Store Groups for sharing
B.    creates EV site and enables Update Service Location (USL)
C.    selects the SQL server and storage locations for the Vault Directory database
D.    adds a new computer to the EV site and enables mailboxes

Answer: C

After running the Enterprise Vault (EV) Configuration Wizard, which three services are running when viewed from the Vault Administration Console? (Select three.)

A.    EV Journaling Service
B.    EV Shopping Service
C.    EV Provisioning Service
D.    EV Archiving Service
E.    EV Task Controller Service
F.    EV Indexing Service

Answer: BEF

According to best practices, where should data and transaction logs be stored when creating a Directory database?

A.    on a separate local SQL instance
B.    on the same disk as the Vault Store database
C.    on the Directory Service computer
D.    on separate physical disks

Answer: D

In which three instances should an administrator use the Deployment Scanner? (Select three.)

A.    upgrading Enterprise Vault (EV) to a new service pack
B.    adding an additional indexing location
C.    installing an additional EV server
D.    configuring partition rollover
E.    troubleshooting an EV server

Answer: ACE

What is the next step to perform after installing Enterprise Vault (EV) and after all necessary files have been installed on the server?

A.    Run the Getting Started Wizard
B.    Run the Configuration Wizard
C.    Add relevant license keys
D.    Create an EV Site Alias in DNS

Answer: B

What is the Vault Store configuration result after upgrading to Enterprise Vault 8

A.    All Vault Stores are fingerprinted for single instancing.
B.    Each Vault Store is added to its own Vault Store Group.
C.    All Vault Stores are added to a Default Vault Store Group.
D.    Each Vault Store is configured for partition rollover.

Answer: C

What is the boundary for Single Instance Storage with Enterprise Vault?

A.    Vault Store
B.    Vault Store Partition
C.    Vault Store Group
D.    Archive

Answer: C

An organization wants to archive fax items placed in users’ mailboxes. How should the administrator add fax items?

A.    add Message Class in Enterprise Vault Policy Manager (EVPM), then choose the Message Class
in the Mailbox Policy
B.    add Message Class in the Mailbox Policy properties, then choose the Message Class in the Desktop Policy
C.    add Message Class in the Site Directory properties, then choose the Message Class in the Desktop Policy
D.    add Message Class in the Enterprise Vault Directory properties, then choose the Message Class in
the Mailbox Policy

Answer: D

Optimized Single Instance Storage (OSIS) is a new storage model with Enterprise Vault. What are archived items now broken into?

A.    DVS parts
B.    Saveset parts
C.    SIS parts
D.    Fingerprints

Answer: C

Which three steps are required to implement Journal Archiving? (Select three.)

A.    Create Archive
B.    Enable Distribution Lists expansion
C.    Create Archiving Task
D.    Target mailbox
E.    Add to Provisioning Group

Answer: ACD

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