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Which two methods does Enterprise Vault (EV) use to distribute Outlook shortcut forms to clients? (Select two.)

A.    Install the forms to an Organizational Forms library in Exchange
B.    Distribute forms in Active Directory using an MSI file
C.    Install forms by using an executable on each workstation
D.    Install forms to the Personal Forms Library using the Desktop Policy
E.    Install forms by using an executable run from the EV server

Answer: AD

Enterprise Vault Client extensions can be deployed via which method?

A.    BITS
B.    SMS
C.    HTTP
D.    DCOM

Answer: B

An organization wants to provide end users with a method to view items that will be deleted. Which feature should the administrator enable to provide this functionality?

A.    Storage Expiry Viewer
B.    Expiry Report
C.    Item Purge Report
D.    Deletion Queue Report

Answer: B

Which two features are unavailable in the HTTP-Only version of the Enterprise Vault client? (Select two.)

A.    open an archived item by double-clicking the shortcut
B.    Archive Explorer
C.    modify Enterprise Vault folder policies
D.    restore from vault
E.    restore an archived item to the mailbox, specifying the target folder

Answer: CE

An end user performed a search and now needs to restore several dozen emails to a specific Outlook folder. However, the items were archived from multiple folders. How can the user quickly
restore the emails to a specific folder?

A.    restore directly from Integrated Search
B.    restore using the Archive Export Utility
C.    restore using a Shopping Basket
D.    restore to a PST and import to Outlook

Answer: C

Which Enterprise Vault (EV) data can be indexed by Windows Desktop Search if the WDS plug-in is installed?

A.    archived messages held in the user’s Vault Cache
B.    files archived from the user’s desktop
C.    the user’s offline Archive Explorer index
D.    archived messages held in the user’s EV archive

Answer: A

How is the data in shopping baskets saved?

A.    as entries in the dbo.Saveset table in the Exchange Vault Store in SQL
B.    as entries in the dbo.Collection table in the Exchange Vault Store database in SQL
C.    as .csv files across subdirectories
D.    as flat NTFS files across subdirectories

Answer: D

Which three services must be running before users can complete a search and add items to
baskets in the Enterprise Vault browser search? (Select three.)

A.    Microsoft Search (Exchange)
B.    IIS Admin Service
C.    World Wide Web Publishing Service
D.    Microsoft Search Indexer Service
E.    Enterprise Vault Shopping Service

Answer: BCE

Which three options are available for export when restoring a shopping basket in the Enterprise Vault browser search? (Select three.)

A.    .pst
B.    .csv
C.    .tif
D.    a subfolder of the restored items folder
E.    current folder path inside the mailbox

Answer: ADE

Which three options are available to a user in the List Basket Contents section of the browser search? (Select three.)

A.    rank basket order
B.    restore basket
C.    empty basket
D.    delete basket
E.    expire basket

Answer: BCD

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