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Enterprise Vault provides flexibility to the user experience. The flexibility is presented to the user through menu bar buttons (icons) and menu options. The administrator can control which icons/options appear in the user’s Outlook. Where should the changes be made?

A.    Mailbox Policy
B.    Outlook Policy
C.    Archive Policy
D.    Desktop Policy

Answer: D

What should an administrator use to create folders with different retention policies under the Outlook Inbox?

A.    Enterprise Vault Manage Folder (EVMF)
B.    Desktop Policy
C.    Mailbox Policy
D.    Enterprise Vault Policy Manager (EVPM)

Answer: D

what is happened when a user deletes an archived item in Outlook?

A.    Desktop Policies
B.    Journal Policies
C.    Mailbox Policies
D.    Server Policies

Answer: A

An administrator needs to change the number of vault cache users that can be updated concurrently. Where should the administrator make the modification?

A.    Enterprise Vault Policy Manager (EVPM)
B.    Desktop Policy
C.    Enterprise Vault Servers Properties
D.    Mailbox Policy

Answer: C

Which three are available strategies for mailbox archiving? (Select three.)

A.    based on age
B.    based on quota
C.    based on retention
D.    based on age and quota
E.    based on age and retention
F.    based on quota and retention
G.    based on age and quota and retention

Answer: ABD

In order for Enterprise Vault (EV) to synchronize Exchange 2007 Managed Folders, what role must the EV Service account have?

A.    Local System Administrator
B.    Exchange View-Only Administrator
C.    Exchange Recipient Administrator
D.    Exchange Read-Only Administrator

Answer: B

Which two items appear as policy types under the Policies branch in the Enterprise Vault Administration Console? (Select two.)

A.    Advanced Search
B.    Exchange
C.    Outlook
D.    Outlook Web Access
E.    Retention Categories

Answer: BE

Which task should be completed on the Enterprise Vault (EV) server when configuring EV anonymous connections for OWA?

A.    create EVServers.txt
B.    create ExchangeServers.txt
C.    create ExchangeShortcut.txt
D.    create OWAUser.txt

Answer: B

Which two server roles require installation of Enterprise Vault extensions to provide users access to their archived content via Outlook Web Access in a mixed Microsoft Exchange 2003 and 2007 environment? (Select two.)

A.    Edge Server
B.    Front End
C.    Back End
D.    Internet Security Accelerator Server (ISA)
E.    Client Access Server (CAS)

Answer: CE

Which file is used by the back-end OWA configuration to identify existing OWA Enterprise Vault servers and allows the back-end Exchange servers to connect directly to the Enterprise Vault?

A.    EVServers.txt
B.    ExchangeServers.txt
C.    OWAServers.txt
D.    OWAUsers.txt

Answer: A

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