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What role does the Enterprise Vault Operations Manager (EVOM) agent play within the EVOM monitoring architecture?

A.    passes data to the IIS server
B.    passes data to other EVOM agents
C.    passes data directly to the clients
D.    passes data to the EVOM SQL database

Answer: D

Which two functions does the Operations Manager Web App Configuration utility perform? (Select two.)

A.    creation of a user account for monitoring user in Active Directory
B.    setting or modification of the details of the monitoring user account
C.    initial configuration of Enterprise Vault (EV) Operations Manager
D.    initial review of data in the EV Operations Manager database
E.    creation of the EV Operations Manager database

Answer: BC

Once installed and configured, how can an administrator access Enterprise Vault (EV) Operations Manager?

A.    browse to http:\\server_name\MonitoringWebApp in Internet Explorer
B.    on the EV server, click Start->Programs->Enterprise Vault->EVOM
C.    run monitoringwebapp.exe from the Enterprise Vault installation folder
D.    using a SQL client, connect to the Enterprise Vault Monitoring database

Answer: A

Which command is used in Dtrace to capture data from a process?

A.    Start
B.    Log
C.    Open
D.    Set

Answer: D

Which repair utility should be used to make the Enterprise Vault icons visible again in Outlook?

A.    OutlookClientReset
B.    FrmCache
C.    EVIconReload
D.    ResetEVClient

Answer: D

Where are hidden messages stored?

A.    in the Enterprise Vault index
B.    within a user’s archive
C.    in the Directory database
D.    within a user’s mailbox

Answer: D

After installation and configuration of Enterprise Vault (EV) in a lab environment, an organization finds that their Outlook clients are unable to access the EV server resources in the EV Virtual Directory. Additional testing shows that all resources are available from the EV server locally. Which statement best describes a reason for the outage?

A.    An incorrect version of Outlook is used.
B.    The client’s Vault Cache is in “Local Only” mode.
C.    The installer failed to configure Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) in Outlook.
D.    The EV server’s NIC is faulty.

Answer: D

Which action is necessary to run DTrace from within the Vault Administration Console?

A.    define an Administration policy to enable the function
B.    install DTraceAdmin.exe on the Enterprise Vault server
C.    enable Advanced Features in the Vault Administration Console
D.    run Dtrace.exe on the administrator’s workstation

Answer: C

An administrator runs the Enable Mailbox Wizard to enable a user for archiving. The user’s mailbox is missing from the list of possible mailboxes to be enabled. Why is the mailbox missing from the list?

A.    The Archiving Task synchronization has not run on the mailbox.
B.    The user is currently logged in to the mailbox.
C.    The mailbox does not match the criteria of any provisioning group.
D.    The mailbox has an unsynchronized delegate.

Answer: C

Which three standard reports ship with Enterprise Vault Reporting? (Select three.)

A.    Items Deleted per Day
B.    Archive Quota Usage
C.    Items Archived per Hour
D.    Provisioning Group Assignments
E.    Vault Store Usage by Billing Account

Answer: BCE

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