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When granting permissions using adsiedit.msc for Exchange 2007, which two permissions must an administrator grant to the Vault Service account? (Select two.)

A.    Local Admin privileges on the Exchange Server
B.    Full Control on the server Security tab
C.    Send As privileges on the Enterprise Vault system mailbox object
D.    View-Only Administrator membership on Exchange
E.    Send As privileges on the Enterprise Vault Service Account Mailbox

Answer: BC

An organization implemented Roles-based administration for all of its administrators. Which three tasks can only be performed by the Vault Service account? (Choose three.)

A.    Restart Archiving Tasks
B.    Change permissions on mailbox archives
C.    Run Update Service Locations (USL)
D.    Add groups to Authorization Manager
E.    Modify groups in Authorization Manager

Answer: CDE

Bob has been assigned the Storage Administrator role. Bob is also a member of a group that has been assigned a custom role called Troubleshooters. This custom role includes a small subset of the administration tasks available to the Storage Administrator, plus a couple of additional tasks.
Which administrative rights will Bob have?

A.    Bob will receive an error when trying to open the Vault Administration Console.
B.    Bob will be able to perform any combination of all administration tasks in both roles.
C.    Bob will be prompted for the role he wants to assume when he opens the Vault Administration Console.
D.    Bob will have the ability to perform only the administrative tasks defined for the Storage Administrator
role because it is a pre-defined role and takes precedence.
E.    Bob will have the ability to perform only the administrative tasks defined for the Troubleshooters role
because it is the more restrictive role.

Answer: B

By default, which three roles are available in Role-based administration? (Select three.)

A.    Policy Administrator
B.    OWA Administrator
C.    PST Administrator
D.    Storage Administrator
E.    Exchange Administrator

Answer: CDE

Which day-to-day task is the responsibility of the Messaging Administrator using Role-based administration?

A.    administration of Exchange
B.    administration of IM Manager
C.    administration of Exchange and Lotus Domino archiving
D.    administration of Novell GroupWise archiving

Answer: C

What is the associated file extension for SIS Part files when shared archived items are stored?

A.    .sis
B.    .dvs
C.    .dvscc
D.    .dvssp

Answer: D

By default, how many index locations are created by using the Getting Started Wizard?

A.    1
B.    4
C.    6
D.    8

Answer: D

For optimal performance, which two solutions are best for setting up Enterprise Vault indexes? (Select two.)

A.    direct-attached disks
B.    SDLT tape drives
C.    WORM storage
D.    SAN storage
E.    NAS device

Answer: AD

What are the three possible statuses of a Vault Store partition? (Select three.)

A.    Closed
B.    Disabled
C.    Dismounted
D.    Open
E.    Pending
F.    Ready
G.    Error

Answer: ADF

An organization has designed their environment to have three Vault Stores within a Vault Store Group. What is the maximum number of Fingerprint databases the organization can have?

A.    1
B.    3
C.    6
D.    8

Answer: A

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